Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi My Loves!!!

If you all follow me on my daily vlog channel The Schuerman Show, then you will know that this week Jay and I and the kiddies went to L.A for a family vacation as well as to be at the Generation Beauty Event. While we were down there I had the chance to meet some amazing you tube gurus and I thought I'd share the people who I think you must check out, if you haven't already.

We met up with my good friend Honey earlier in the week. Honey was actually Baby Sistor's best friend when they were young and she lives down in Southern California, so while we were down there we got together and had an amazing time. Honey was also at Gen Beauty and has her own you tube channel. She is so sweet, fun and I was so happy I had the chance to hang out with her while we were down there. Definitely go and subscribe to her channel and tell her I sent you! 
How gorgeous is Honey btw?



The next person I had a chance to spend some time with while we were down there was the ever so gorgeous Tati from GlamLifeGuru on you tube. We actually filmed a collaboration video together and had a great laugh!! We were like school girls giggling hile trying to film our video and I can't wait for you guys to see what we came up with. She is absolutely GORGEOUS, elegant and we had so much fun! Plus her voice is super soothing haha!
Check out Tati and tell her I sent you :)


I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Generation Beauty Event stylists dinner on Friday night. It was held at the You Tube Space L.A and then at Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach afterwards. There was a big group of other beauty gurus that went and I was sooo super excited when Judy from ItsJudyTime & ItsJudysLife asked to sit next to me on the bus over to the You Tube space. I've watched her for years and we've had the pleasure of chatting on Twitter before, we also danced with them on BlogTV for their fundraiser. Can I just say how AMAZING she is in person. I've always thought she was so sweet and lovely from her videos but in real life she is even more sweet and so much fun! I absolutely loved her and was so grateful to have been able to hang out with her. I was so nervous going into it not really knowing anyone and she made me feel comfortable and at ease. If it wasn't for her making me feel so welcomed, I probably would have felt so awkward.... so THANK YOU JUDY!!!! Also Julianna is absolutely adorable and Phoenix was obsessed with her :) He thought she was so cute. It was super cute getting to see Phoenix, Lily and Julianna hang out haha! Jay also got the chance to go and have a man date with Benji and he had a great time with him. It's truly fabulous when you finally get the chance to meet people in real life and then find out they are even better in person :)

Benji & Jay on their Man Date :)


Another amazing guru I chatted with at the dinner Friday night was the incredible Kandee Johnson. Kandee was actually the first person that I ever watched. I was watching her Halloween tutorials years ago in 2009 and loved her. I remember showing Jay this "beautiful makeup artist" on you tube and was so inspired by her videos. Who knew that fast forward 4 years later, we would be in the bathroom chatting away about our kids and she'd be handing me toilet paper under the stall because there was none left haha!! She's another person that is even sweeter, kinder and more fabulous in person. She was so nice to me and made me feel like we had been friends forever. Judy and Kandee were the highlight of that night and I left feeling like I had 2 new wonderful friends :) 

I also had the chance to spend some time with MissJenFabulous, Pbbunny97, & Rosebud143 at the dinner who were all super sweet to me and made me feel so comfortable. I'm rather uncomfortable in social settings and I was so thankful they were there so make me feel relaxed and we had such a great time chatting. Jen is amazingly beautiful and elegant. Polina is super bubbly, young and vibrant and Rose is so classy, quiet and so so sweet. They are all gorgeous and I'm so glad to have met them.

I briefly met Nicole from Nguerriero19 who was tall, gorgeous and had the best hair ever. She was super confident and bubbly. Evelina was absolutely angelic. This girl has the most amazing skin I've ever seen, she was simply glowing and so gorgeous, amazing hair and absolutely so sweet and kind to me. When I introduced myself to her, she actually knew my name and I was so excited because after watching her Draw My Life (which is totally where I copied her music for mine) I was so inspired by her beautiful drawings to do mine. She is so cute and petite and I am so excited I had the chance to meet her. I was very excited ;) She's a doll.

At the actual Generation Beauty Event I met some of my amazing subscribers and it made my entire vacation. After all that is the whole reason I went down there.... to meet the people that made my channel what it is today. Without all of you who watch & read my blog I would just be a random girl talking to herself in the camera :) So a HUGE Thank You to the lovely ladies I got to chat with and spend time with at the event. This was my favorite memory of all. I loved meeting you girls and chatting with you and I'm so lucky to have the amazing subscribers that I do. I appreciate you  more than I could ever put into words and I had so much fun with you all!!! THANK YOU!!! I hope you enjoyed meeting me as much as I enjoyed meeting you :)

Noelia was an absolute sweetheart! Gorgeous skin too!!!

Luz was so sweet and had the cutest dresses both days. She looked so beautiful!

Mandy & Heather had me cracking up! So vibrant and fun and came all the way from Texas!! I absolutely loved them, they were so sweet!

Sarah & Shelby were amazingly sweet and gorgeous! Such a lovely mother and daughter! Made me wish my Mom could have been there with me.

Sylvia was so super sweet and I looked gorgeous!

Ana was so gorgeous and her makeup was so beautiful :) She was so lovely!

The beautiful Fal and her amazing, patient hubby who walked around this event with her! What a cute couple! I had so much fun with Fal!

The fabulous Jazmine  who's phone and phone cover I was total jealous of :) She was so sweet and had amazing skin!

At my meet up I also did it with two other younger beauty gurus (made me feel old haha) who were super sweet! Kristee from Strawberryelectric48 & Lexie from BeautyRush315. We had a great time in the snazzy Proactiv booth and I was super glad that I had the chance to meet them.

Lexie, Me, Nicole (my Ipsy go to gal & Kristee)

For everyone else that I met and took pictures with THANK YOU and please post the pictures on my Facebook or Twitter! I would love to see them! It was so nice to meet you all!

So there is my first beauty event experience. I was so nervous that morning and ended up leaving with new friends and had so much fun! Thank you again for everyone who came to my meet up and workshop, I had a blast with you!!

Thanks so much for reading!