Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chocolate Brown..... Yay or Nay?

Hi My Loves!!!

First I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who got something from my blog sale! (It's down now as there wasn't much left)... I will be packaging everything up today and sending them out on Monday! Hope you enjoy your goodies and get some good use out of them :)

Onto today's post.....

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and came across this bedroom below. I've never actually been one for the color brown as far as home decor goes, but I thought that this one was just so rich and elegant. Rather sophisticated...... It really stuck out and I found myself really liking it.

(Photo Source: Google)

I love the crisp white against the chocolate brown. I think with some all white lamps (maybe some crystal bases) and white night stands, this would be soooooo fabulous. I do think that this would be a great balance between masculine and feminine.... 

(Photo Source: Google)

The night stands here is what I'm talking about and I also love the little touch of pink with the flowers..... very me :)

(Photo Source: Google)

I have actually posted this picture before because I loved the bed and furniture. I think I even said I didn't care for the color of the walls.... lol. MAKE UP YOUR MIND LADY!!! Isn't it funny how our tastes change so much? Or maybe it's just me?

(Photo Source: Google)

This bed is AMAZING!! I love this headboard!!!!! I must have it! I'm sure this is absolutely ridiculously expensive but I wonder how much and how hard it would be to make yourself?? If anyone has any tutorials they know of or suggestions, let me know because this is fab!

(Photo Source: Google)

So my question to you is...... are you on the chocolate brown and white bandwagon??? Or is it just too dark for you? I can't quite decide......

Thanks for reading!