Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hair, Makeup & Nail Inspirations!

Hi My Loves!!!

While browsing through Pinterest (Oh how I love Pinterest).... I have found some really fabulous hair, makeup and nail inspirations. Some of the girls on here are so beautiful! I thought I'd share my latest favorite finds with you guys :)

Keeping in the red theme.... (will I ever do it, who knows but I can dream)

I LOVE HER HAIR!! Her makeup is fab too.... and her body haha!!!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

Again with the long luscious waves, I'm trying to grow my hair out to be long again. I always get to a certain point though and get annoyed with it and chop it off.... STAY STRONG SAM!!!!
I love her hair, the color is quite similar to what I have too. I'll take her makeup and body as well :)

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

I really like the length and color of this girls hair. With the bright blonde pieces peeking through, it's so beautiful and effortless.

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

I love this makeup!! The gold shimmer with the soft icy pink lip is so pretty!!! Possible Fall tutorial????

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

This girls eyes are AMAZING!!! They are so cat eye!! Oh to have almond shaped eyes..... what I would give!!! Amazing eyes, amazing lips... so pretty! Love the eye makeup!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

You guys know I love me some sparkles..... all of these nails are right up my alley, sparkly and feminine!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

Wish I would have done this on my toes when I got married! So fun!!!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

This is so pretty!!! LOVE IT :)

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

More sparkly warkly's :)

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

So there is some of my favorite beauty pins that I have come across lately :) If you are not on Pinterest, you need to be!! It's not only for beauty but home, yummy recipes, kid stuff.... pretty much anything and everything!

Thanks so much for reading :)

Happy Thursday!



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  1. OMG, that first picture of the manicure is awesome! If you don't own the clear/snowy glitter nailpolish from Wet&Wild...GET IT!!!!! It's under a dollar and it makes the BEST topper for any nail polish you already own. It doesn't have a name just look for the one that looks like sparkly snow. :)