Friday, August 17, 2012

The Best Pants of Life!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have a new video up which is the Summer Most Worn Things Tag and one of the questions was "Most Worn Clothing Item".... Now my answer wasn't the most summery option in the world but seeing as this whole summer I've been rather pregnant, my most worn item has definitely been my Victoria's Secret Wide Leg Pants. I've actually had mine for years and I love them so much. I wear them all the time, have washed them sooooo much and each and every time they still come out looking perfect and have lasted so well. 


I searched on the website for them because I have had a few people asking me which particular ones they are and I think that these are the ones.....

They feel like pajamas, the material is seriously the most stretchy, silky, comfy material ever and they have a nice fold over waistband so that your seams are smooth and there is no cutting off of the extra love muffin you have going on... or in my case hard baby belly :) They come in either Black or a Burgundy type color.

They also have them in the shorter Gaucho type pant.....

These come in 6 different colors, so a better variety and I'm assuming they are the same material... They look like they are.

Here's a picture of what they look like on a 5'2 normal person.... haha!! Not everyone is amazingly tall and delightfully skinny!!

So if you are a Stay at Home Mama like me, pregnant or just love being super comfy.... give these a try. They are a little pricey at $49.50 (I think that's quite a lot but maybe to others it's not) but they are WELL WORTH IT!!! These have lasted me so long and still have many years to go :) Plus mine totally drag on the floor a little bit and they don't have any major messed up rips or anything where they drag....

Hope this helps... your tummy will love them :)

Happy Friday!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)