Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shaved Head????

Hi My Loves!!!

Last night Jay and I were watching Fear Factor and in the episode we were watching one of the couples had to shave their heads.... THE GIRL TOO!!! The big prize was 100,000 if they got through all the challenges. The woman did it, shaved her head all the way! The whole time I was cringing, just feeling her pain as she held on to each piece crying....

Here's the woman who had to shave her head.... she actually looked amazingly beautiful with it shaved, she had such pretty features that it really looked good on her!

(Photo Source: Google)

I kept on telling Jay I would never do that. I have WAY too many moles on my head to be bald haha..... it would just be a big bald head of moles..... MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!!!!
It's so strange how attached we as women, are to our hair... it's just hair, yet for 100,000 I wouldn't shave my head???? Or if I was actually in that position, would I? I don't think I could do it. It's quite vein really.....

So then I was thinking, what would I shave my head for? 

Well.... obviously if it was a life or death situation for me, Jay or my babies......

A HUGE amount of money.... way bigger than 100,000....

Or if I was losing it in clumps from being ill...... 

I think that's about it!

If I had to shave my head for any of those reasons, I would get a bunch of super bright wigs (pink, purple, whatever) and rock them :)

I know there are a lot of women who do it for causes and I applaud them, they are much less vein and way stronger than me!

What would you shave your head for???

Thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday :)