Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh How I Miss You Fall.......

Hi My Loves!!!

It's been so hot here this summer and being pregnant in the 90's (as in temperature not time) is definitely making me crave cooler temperatures. I am SOOOOOO ready for Fall. I keep seeing all the decorations coming out in the stores and cute fall outfits and treats on Pinterest and it's making me so sick of the summer! (Wait till it gets colder than a dog and I'm praying for summer)......

To help you guys crave the Fall too..... here are some of our festive fall pictures that Jay took a few Fall's ago :)

Nothing better than when the leaves turn and the days get cooler......

Here are our pumpkins from 3 Halloweens ago :) Can you tell who's is who???

Waiting for cooler weather and the leaves to turn....




  1. Sam I love ur pumpkin! Its so cute. I wish I was as artistic as u.

  2. LOVE THE FALL! Michigan has the BEST fall, beautiful trees, cider mills,crisp fall weather for baking pumpkin everything! My daughters birthday on october 28 has been my excuse for buying an OBSCENE amount of fall decorations! Can't wait to wear comfy fall clothes and light those wonderful fall candles!