Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mission Completion #1.....

Hi My Loves!!!

I was inspired by the ever so lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (if you don't follow her you should, I LOVE HER!!!) to do a product empties kind of post. Basically that means, products that I have used up :) I didn't want to be a total copycat and name it empties so I thought I would call it MISSION COMPLETION!!!! Haha... oh how supermanish it sounds :)

So I figured as I use up products, I will snap a pic before I throw them out and share them with you. I hardly ever finish products, so when I do.. you know it's because it was the bomb diggity dog and I love it!

So here are my current mission completions :) Haha... that just sounds weird.....


Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion: 

I love this scrub. It's so finely granulated, great for sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and amazing. I've been using the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion for almost 2 years now (not this specific bottle.... lol that would be a miracle but it did last a long time)..... I use it 3 times a week.

Bain De Terre Botanicueticals Passion Flower Color Preserving & Moisturizing Conditioner:

I love this conditioner. This is actually the second bottle that I've finished. Of course I still have 1/3 of the shampoo left... typical! Does that happen to anyone else?? I always finish my conditioner before my shampoop! This stuff smells amazing, detangles every little peice and leaves hair shiny, silky and delightful :) It's been my favorite!! I do have some Wen that I'm going to be using next because I'm trying to do a shop my stash kind of thing, rather than keep on buying new products. I have so many goodies that just sit there and I feel like a waster..... so I'll try to use up what I have and then we shall see if I go back to this. I really recommend it though!

Last but not least.....

Hugo Boss Cologne:

This is actually Jay's but seeing as I use it occasionally when I want a bit of a different scent from my usual girly perfume, I figured I would include it :) I love this cologne on Jay and on me. It wears so nicely. It's subtle, not too manly but not feminine... a little citrusy... it's just delightful. 

So that's it for now. Next thing I use up I will share with you :)

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far... almost Friday!!!

Thanks for reading :)