Monday, August 13, 2012

Wanna Be A Red Head????

Hi My Loves!!!

So ever since my brother sent me the link to Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" music video, I have been obsessed with her and her beauty! I think her style is so snazzy and I am in love with her hair.

I've been really tired of my hair lately... not only am I trying to grow out the length, if you haven't noticed I haven't colored it forever and have some major ash blonde roots going on :( So I've been thinking about what to do once our little princess is born and I decide to color my hair again...... I was thinking about growing out my own natural hair color completely (Jay's idea). I must say it is the healthiest it has ever been since going so long without coloring it, there is nothing like the feel of virgin hair.. even though I still have plenty of old colored hair, it's amazing how much better it feels. The shine of my natural hair is quite fabulous too, although at times it looks greasy rather than shiny... NOT GOOD!

So I've been oogling over Lana's hair color. I've been red before but it was a much darker brown red... I also had it a really dark voilet red too but I've never gone for the lighter more orangey version. I'm just loving it on her so much!!!

Here is a picture of me when I had it on the redder brown side of the spectrum :)

And here is Lana Del Rey's delightful's divine!!! (OBSESSED MUCH) I sound like such a Lana Del Rey weirdo ;)

So that's what been going on in my little head lately..... dreaming of hair color! Haha....

What do you think? 

Hope everyone had a delightful weekend!

OH and watch my new video HERE:

Thanks for reading :)