Thursday, March 21, 2013

My 2yr Old Photographer!

Hi My Loves!!!

Phoenix has been quite the photographer lately. He's been quite the vlogger as well. ANy chance that he has to snap some pictures or videos he takes haha! I thought I'd share a few of the ones that you could tell what they were that he took today :)

You'll notice Moo is usually the subject of his photos.... and Lil too, but mostly Moo!

Lily was rocking the mismatch pj's tonight. I have no idea where the matching pieces to those pj's went haha! 

Another one of Moo sleeping in her favorite spot underneath the swing.

Here's one I snapped tonight. Phoenix was holding Lily's hand and it was so precious. Clean, fresh pj's and snuggling with each other! So cute! Look at their eyes... both the same color. They actually look so alike in this picture. It's so fun seeing Lily grow and start to look so much like Phoenix :)

Hope you all had an amazing day! 

And just so you know I have a highly requested video going up tomorrow :) Go and check here to see if it's up!