Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 2013 Glossybox!

Hi My Loves!!!

I recently got my March Glossybox in the mail and wanted to share my thoughts :)
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It came in a beautiful pale pink box (super sturdy) with pink tissue and a bright pink bow wrapped around the products.

The theme of this box is International Style inspired by the Fashion Weeks around the World. It comes with a little pamphlet that looks like a post card with all of the items inside of the box, their full sized prices and a description of the product.

LISI Liquid Eyeliner (Full Size $7.00)
This is a silver liquid liner with a felt tip style applicator. I would have prefered a color that was a little more wearable as I normally wouldn't use silver on a daily basis. I don't really care for the tip either. It seems a little stiff and may be a bit awkward to use. I felt like the product itself is ok. The liner wiped off very easily with a baby wipe so I don't know if the staying power is really there but I haven't had a chance to use this on my eyes yet.
Would I purchase this item? No

Bvlgari Eau Parfumme Au The Blanc Soap (Full Size $30.00)
This soap smells amazing. It has more of a perfume scent and lasts on the skin long after you shower. It has a cream lather but the part I didn't care for was the fact that it left me feeling SUPER SQUEAKY CLEAN :( I don't like that feeling and that's just my preference. Other than than I really liked it. I can't say I felt overly or underly moisturized.... but I did smell good and I did feel clean. I won't be using this again as I just hate that sqeaky clean feeling but Jay said he will use it up. (Thank Goodness for hubby's who don't mind using "womens" products)....
Would I purchase this item? No

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Powder 07 Harmony (Full Size $15.00)
This shimmer powder is so pretty. A soft medium shimmery brown has the perfect amount of warmth to it. Super beautiful for any occasion, I feel like this could be worn on a daily basis for people with little time for makeup or played up for a super sexy dramatic eye :) Didn't bother my eyes at all, super easy to blend and stayed looking really beautiful all day. I love this powder!! SO PRETTY!
Would I purchase this item? Yes

Here it is in action: SO PRETTY :)

I did have a tiny bit of creasing towards the end of the day but nothing too major.

Evologie eSystem Duo Pack Intensive Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream (Full Size $15.00)
This is basically is a serum and cream to help keep skin clear, help with acne scarring and reduces redness. I haven't used this and I probably won't. I have such sensitive skin and I have finally found a skincare routine that works for me, so to be honest I'm scared to try anything new as far as skin care goes. I will probably just save this for a giveaway :)
Would I purchase this item? No (not because it's bad... I just like the current stuff I'm using)

Nail Rock Nail Wraps (Full Size $8.00)
Now these are soooo cute on and I must say I do feel rather hand snazzy, however what a total pain in the booty they were to apply. I'm quite a lazy nail person. I want the quickest possible thing and I want it to look cute. I hate having to wait for polish to dry so at least with these nail wraps, there's not that problem. These really take a bit of getting used to. The first hand took me FOREVER! I just couldn't get it. They are awkward and you have to place them just right. The sizing is difficult if you are like me and have the smallest nail beds ever. Then the whole pulling then super tight to attempt to rib it off at the edge (try doing that when your nails are super short... not so easy!) By the second hand I was a little better. The best way to do these is to apply it to the nail starting at the cuticle, start pushing it down on to the nail and then pulling it very tight once you get to the edge of the nail. Pull it super far out and down like you are going to rip it off.... it will eventually tear a little and leave a little bit on the edge. Then grap the file they supply in the pack and file the edge of your nail and it should pull right off. So far I've had them on for 1 day and I have lost one from my pointer finger. I tried to apply another new one and it just wouldn't stick because it was too big. So I going nail wrapless on that finger haha!!! I think that these are very cute and fun and give the nails a little extra pop. Once you get it down I suppose it wouldn't take too long and the fact that you don't have to be careful or wait for them to dry probably makes it the same amount of time as it would to just paint them. I think if I did these a few more times I would probably get it down to a decent time. 
Would I purchase this item? Yes (but only for special occasions where I wanted somehting a little different)

Overall I preferred last months box to this box but I still thought the things in the box were pretty good. I liked the nail wraps, loved the pigment, soap smelled nice and I would have really loved it if I wasn't such a weirdo about being squeaky...... the only thing I wasn't too fond of was the liner and then I didn't try the serum and cream. I'm definitely excited for next month's box. It's like a fabulous surprise every month..... I feel like a little kid on Christmas every time it arrives :)

Hope you liked this post.... Have you signed up for GLOSSYBOX and do you like it?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is actually the February box, it just came really late!

  2. Hi Sam! What is your current skincare routine? I have sensitive skin too, and I'm always interested in what other people are using. Thanks! -Erin