Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Scents...........

Hi My Loves!!!

It's been a pretty relaxing day today so far. The babies are both asleep right now, I've done most of my cleaning for the day (cleaning never ends in this house) and I've got my candles burning, making the house smell so delicious :)

There is just something about a nice clean house with your favorite candles burning, that just makes a Saturday feel that much nicer!

Here's what's burning today...

This smells like you are baking an apple pie and speaking of baking..... I might bake me some brownies once the babies wake up :)

I'm also burning Mainstays Pumpkin Pie from Walmart. These are usually only out at fall and winter but I always stock up! YUM!

Gotta go Lil just woke up!!!