Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lily's 6 Month Update!

Hi My Loves!!!

We went to the Doctor's this morning for Lily's 6 month check up so I thought now that I have all of her weight and height numbers, I can give you a little update :)

This was Lily on her 6 month birthday :) She's holding on to my stuffed animal from when I was a baby! 

If you are wondering how I get my hearts on my pictures on Instagram (tons of people ask).... I use an app called PicFx on my iPad.

Weight: 15 lbs 9.5 oz
Height: 25 1/2 inches
Head: 16.75 inches

Doctor says she is growing right on track and looks nice and healthy :) Most of her clothes are 6-9 months depending on the brand. I find some brands to run smaller than others and then we will have to go up to the 9 months. Her favorite outfit at the moment is anything with polka dots, she loves to stare at them. She also looks amazing in purple ;) As far as diapers go we use Pampers for her and we just bumped her up to size 3. She could technically still be in size 2 but the 3's work just fine and dandy :) Huggies are total poo, do not buy them! Haha!

As far as development goes, she's doing really well. Here's what she can do:
❤ Roll over from front to back and back to front
❤ Sits with support
❤ Grab things and hold onto toys
❤ Follows things with her eyes 
❤ She can spot us from a good distance (her little face lights up when she sees Phoenix running towards her)
❤ Knows Mommy, Daddy & Phoenix
❤ Responds to noises & faces
❤ Babbles, squeals... she's quite the singer
❤ Big belly laughs (mainly at her funny brother)
❤ Kicks fit when she's on tummy time and scooches around to the side but not forward yet
❤ Grabs her toes and pulls them up towards her chest when she's on her back.
❤ Tries to grab things out of my hand (food, water bottles, phone etc)

Those are the main points I can think of ;)

As far as eating goes, we have started her on solids as of last week. I'm making everything with our Baby Bullet at the moment. Those things are amazing! I love it ;) She tried rice cereal first (made with brown rice... the ingredients are in the booklet that comes with the Baby Bullet). We gave that to her for 4 days and then tried bananas. That's all she has tried at the moment, we will slowly start introducing new foods so that we don't upset her tummy and we can record which foods are tummy friendly :) So far she is a really great eater. She's been loving her food in the morning and does really well with it. She has one solid meal in the morning and then still breastfeeding for the rest of the time. No tummy problems at all, so that's great! She's a much better eater than Phoenix was when we first introduced him. If you are wondering about the Baby Bullet, I highly recommend getting one. It comes with everything you need, a booklet with great information and recipes on how to make everything, what foods to start with etc. 

She's a great sleeper at night which is amazing so I'm happy with that!! She's still sleeping in our room in her bassinet/pack and play. I'm not quite ready to move her into her own room yet. I moved Phoenix into his own room when he was 9 months so that's probably what I will do with her. I felt like it was a good age. She usually gets a big nap in the afternoon when Phoenix takes his so that's pretty good :) Can't complain! If we go out anywhere in the mornings then she will sleep in her carseat while we are out and about for a little while too. 

No teeth yet. Nothing is even peeking through at the moment.

Overall she is such a happy, easy going baby. She rarely fusses and if she does it's because she's extra tired or wants to nurse. As soon as she nurses she is as happy as can be. She loves to be held and snuggled and loves attention (typical woman haha).... She loves to watch Phoenix play, he pulls funny faces at her and makes her laugh. She watches Moo a lot, she likes that. She just likes to be involved with everything we are doing. She's much more aware than Phoenix was at this age. She enjoys books and loves being read to and she loves when I sing to her. She loves her toys and really studies them :) She's perfect! I could not have wished for a better baby. Lily is a pure angel and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have such amazing children :) She loves her playmat and looking in the mirror and she also really like the exersaucer every now and then as well. The sunshine toy is her favorite ;)

Those are really the main things I can think of that need to be written down haha! Let me know if I missed anything out!

Thanks for reading!