Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ready for Spring: iPad Mini Case!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have been LOVING the color mint right now. I'm obsessed. I don't know why but it just speaks to me every time I see it haha! So when I saw this iPad mini case, I was so excited. I have a bright pink one from another brand as well but it's been bugging me because it's quite bulky and also covers around the edges so that it makes it hard to press certain areas on the screen. 

I got the Rock Flexible Series iPad Mini Case in Green Link! It also comes in black or a really pretty light pink if you are not into mint green :) There are also lots of different ones as well. Link!

I LOVE this one. Not only is the color fun for spring (it's a slight bit darker than what it appears on the website but still in the dark mint/aqua color I love :) What I love about this one though, is that the entire screen on the iPad is free. Nothing covering up those areas that you might want to touch. Plus it makes turning up and down the volume much easier than the previous one I had. It's super thin and not at all bulky which I love. It has a magnetic little tab that keeps it shut and then it bends back the other way when you are using it. It also has the fold out stand to make it prop up if you want. The inside of it is almost a rubbery texture to keep the iPad from slipping when propping it up. It has 2 card holders inside for I'm assuming credit cards? Interior is a light grey with patterns on it. The actual part that holds the iPad is hard plastic to keep it safe.

All in all I'm really liking this cover. I think it's kind of fun to switch up your cases/covers. Making it personalized to your personality is fun and it also keeps it from getting scratched in your purse etc. Plus I think it's fun to go with the colors of the season.... next I'm on the hunt for a pink and white polka dot one. Let me know if you find one!

Here's my little beauty as I type this right now :) She's the best blogging buddy ever!

Thanks for reading!