Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women & Magazines.......

Hi My Loves!

When I used to work in the salon, magazines were a part if my everyday life. Quickly sneaking in a bit of fashion, beauty or celeb gossip in between clients was always a good time :) Or while coloring a clients hair we would chat about the magazines and who had the hottest hair, body, makeup etc. I enjoyed it. There's just something about being a woman and reading magazines. They just go together like peas and carrots :)

It's been a super long time since I bought or even read a magazine. I honestly can't even remember. Jay brought me one home a few weeks ago and I finally had a little browse through it the other day and forgot how much I do love a good magazine. So today while I was out shopping with BS, I picked up a few. Ok.... Maybe 8. Haha!!! Hey, I've been deprived so I felt the need to go crazy and buy a bunch lol!! Ill be set for a while :)

So here's what I chose.....

And here's what I look like as I type this at night while my angels sleep peacefully and Jay edits our daily vlog :) We had a super fun night tonight, BS and her boyfriend came over and he cooked us dinner. It was nice to have the night off from cooking :)

What magazines tickle your fancy??

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Sam!
    Check out a website/app called next issue. It has all of those magazines, plus you get to read all the issues from the previous year and each new month that comes out. It does cost $10 dollars a month, but that's a steal considering what it costs to buy them in a store or have subscriptions to them all. They also have some magazines that Jay might like :)