Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women & Magazines.......

Hi My Loves!

When I used to work in the salon, magazines were a part if my everyday life. Quickly sneaking in a bit of fashion, beauty or celeb gossip in between clients was always a good time :) Or while coloring a clients hair we would chat about the magazines and who had the hottest hair, body, makeup etc. I enjoyed it. There's just something about being a woman and reading magazines. They just go together like peas and carrots :)

It's been a super long time since I bought or even read a magazine. I honestly can't even remember. Jay brought me one home a few weeks ago and I finally had a little browse through it the other day and forgot how much I do love a good magazine. So today while I was out shopping with BS, I picked up a few. Ok.... Maybe 8. Haha!!! Hey, I've been deprived so I felt the need to go crazy and buy a bunch lol!! Ill be set for a while :)

So here's what I chose.....

And here's what I look like as I type this at night while my angels sleep peacefully and Jay edits our daily vlog :) We had a super fun night tonight, BS and her boyfriend came over and he cooked us dinner. It was nice to have the night off from cooking :)

What magazines tickle your fancy??

Thanks for reading :)