Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Reupholster a Chair!

Hi My Loves!!!

If you watch our daily vlogs on TheSchuermanShow, then you will have seen me shopping for and recovering our kitchen table chairs. They were pretty sad. We found them for $5 for both at a garage sale a while ago and they have just been begging for a makeover. I'm still not finished with them, as the paint is totally sad and really needing some TLC but at least now the cushions are in the color scheme and design that I like :) 

I have never recovered chairs before so this was my first time. Thanks to my favorite blogger Virginia at LiveLoveDIY, I saw her blog post and figured I could do it. So thanks lovely!!!

Here's the sad before photos. They are just not my color. Plus with kids, the fabric is ruined after one meal lol. I needed something a little more toddler friendly.

Step 1.)  
Remove the cushion from the chair base and remove any fabric if its been recovered before. This one had been recovered twice already, so I just took off the latest fabric. 

Here's the other fabric after the first layer was taken off.

Step 2.) 
Lay out your fabric upside down and place the chair pad on top. Make sure you flip it over to see which pattern (if any) is going where on the pad.

Step 3.) 
Cut the fabric to fit around the chair pad. I cut mine a bit big which made it harder to make neat when stapling.

Here's my 2 pieces cut out and ready to be ironed.

Step 4.) 
Iron if the fabric is wrinkled.

No creases :)

Step 5.)
Measure out the clear plastic the same size as the fabric. This is purely your choice. If you have kids, you might want to, as you can wipe the messes right up.

Step 6.) 
Place the plastic down on the floor first, then the fabric so the side you want to show is facing down and then center your cushion. Pull the fabric taught and start using your staple gun and attaching the fabric and plastic to the bottom of the chair pad. I did the top and bottom first, then the corners and then the sides.

DONE!!! How easy is that?

Re-attach to the chair base and you are good to sit your booty down and try them out :)

Here's the after. So much better!!

Here's the tools used:
Iron & Ironing Board
Staple Gun
Fabric $15.94 (but I have a bunch left over)
Clear Plastic $1.94

That's it :) 

I used my coupons for Joann's Fabric. The clear plastic comes on those big rolls for $2.99 a yard. The fabric would have been $34.98 without the coupons. We already had the staple gun, ironing gear and screwdriver haha.

TOTAL SPENT: $17.88 for the reupholstering of both chairs and if you count the $5 I paid for the chairs, then I spent $22.88 for both. I have enough fabric to do 2 more chairs if I find any :) 

This was so easy and quick. If you have ome ugly chairs sitting around, then try this!

Thanks for reading!