Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Sigma Products Swatches & Thoughts!

Hi My Loves!!!

I was so excited and grateful when I received a package from Sigma the other day, with some of their new products inside for me to try :) I was such a nice surprise! Thank you Sigma, I appreciate it so much!!!

These are their new individual products that are available starting Jan 21st on their website Link! These will all be available permanently and there are 30 eye shadow shades and 4 different brow powder shade duos available. You are now also able to by the highlighting, brow pencil and brow gel individually that came in the Brow Design Kit this summer.

Here's what I got :)

Can I just start off by saying how cute the packaging is! It's simple but really cute with the little bit of color in the Sigma part. Like a rainbow :) Perfect size too. I love that the lid is clear so you can see the color that you want. The size of the shadows is ta great size as well. Really big actually!

Reveal is actually one of my favorite colors from the Dare Palette. It's a beautiful red with a soft shimmer, looks amazing on green and blue eyes. I actually have a tutorial with it from a while ago... You must get this one if you enjoy red eyeshadow. It's so pretty!

It's beautifully pigmented and goes on super smooth.

For me Snoop is a disappointment. It's a matte grey but I feel like it's a little chalky.

Triomphe is amazing! It's the coolest color... almost chameleon like. It's so hard to describe as it has a bunch of colors into one. It's like a reddish brown with green iridescent shimmer.... Definitely a MUST HAVE!!

Versailles is a gorgeous creamy gold with bigger flecks of shimmer. You do have to kind of work a little harder to get a good color pay off but the hint of gold once you do is beautiful.

Publicize is a soft buttery color. It's almost a tan but with a little more yellow in it. It has a nice sheen and goes on well. Perfect for those lovers of the neutral eye.

I actually have swatches on these next products here on my blog from when I got the Brow Design kit this summer. They are the exact same products, just sold individually now. Here's my blog post of the swatches: Link!

I like the highlighting pencil. One side is matte, the other is a champagne gold shimmer. 

I feel as though these pencils are a tad to big for my tiny little eyebrows. These would be good for someone who actually has eyebrows and wants to just fill them in a bit... but I found it a tad difficult with my needle thin brows. I would just have to make sure to keep them sharpened at all times. The colors seem to be good though. WHen I took a picture on my hand though they did come off a bit shimmery looking but I can't say I noticed that on my brows.

I would say the Medium Brow Powder duo is a good brow powder. I'm actually not too keen on brow powders in general only because mine are so sparse, but these colors in this duo are very nice. Not too warm, not too ashy.

I'm pretty sure the Medium duo has the colors Scarlett and Natasha from the Brow Design Kit.

I also received the brow gel which is exactly the same as in the kit. Clear on one side which is always handy for keeping those little stragglers in place and then tinted on the other side... (can't say I've ever used it or ever will.) Probably better for people with bigger brows than I :)

Here's the kit incase you are wondering what all comes in it. 

There's my thoughts on the new goodies. I'm really happy they have come out with individual colors as sometimes you just want a specific color and don't want to have to buy the whole palette. Cool beans! 

Hope that's helped!

Thanks so much for reading :)
 Happy Tuesday!