Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poor old feller.....

Hi My Loves!!!

The day has come...... our beloved laptop might need to retire (or at least we think so)... :(
We have had this Mac book pro for almost 6 years and we have used it so much! It's been a great laptop and its been around the world. It's been to Hawaii and England. It's been with us through an engagement, a wedding and 2 babies. It's what I used to film and edit my first ever beauty video on you tube and write my first blog.

I feel like I'm talking about a pet ha ha!! But it's been such a great memory keeper and little worker bee, that I have a little place for it in my heart. Is that weird??

Anyway, to get to the point, we have been having major problems with it connecting to the Internet over the last few months and also the battery is completely shot. If you take it off the charger for more than 10 minutes it will die after having a full charge. A couple days ago it would not connect to the Internet at all. Now Jay is a pretty tetchy guy (I'm awful) but he worked on it forever the other night and no matter what he tried, it just wouldn't connect. Before it used to connect but then every time we closed it or moved it to another room it would have to be set up for wifi all over again, entering the IP address and all that stuff (I'm probably saying it all wrong lol)....

So if any of you have had this problem with yours, please let us know if it was something you could fix or is it just going to be photo booth fun for Phoenix? Let me know :)

Thanks for reading!