Friday, January 4, 2013

How To Save at Target!

Hi My Loves!!!

I love Target. It's probably my favorite store. Luckily for me, ours is always super calm and rarely busy.... perfecto :) Just the way I like although I'm sure the owner doesn't haha!!

I just did a haul video on the things I picked up while I was there the other day :) 


The great thing about Target is that most of the things have the same prices as Walmart (or super close)... the difference is that Target has sales and Walmart doesnt really have any or at least any majorly good ones. I'm constantly finding amazing deals at Target. They have things on clearance all the time and the other day was one of the best clearance sales ever!! 70% off of the Neiman Marcus line and then 50% off of other random items, some 30% off items.... Pretty fabulous if you ask me.

So here are the ways that I have found to save yourself some money at Target.

#1.) The Target Schedule
I found out about this from one of our subscribers. They left the schedule in the comments on one of my videos. It basically is just ar schedule of the days that each department has their mark downs in price. 

Save it and print it off, keep it in your wallet or on your phone in the notes, so that you remember :)

#2.) Shop the end aisles. 
That's the first place I head to when I go. They always have things on the end of the aisles on Clearance. I found some great deals in those sections. Another place they keep the clearance items is on the other side of the fist main aisle in the home section. Always go there first!!! And keep your eye out because they usually will mark it down a couple of times, so you may be able to come back in a couple days and get it cheaper.

In the beauty section try the end aisles and the very top or bottoms of the shelves. That's where I always find my clearance makeup. 

#3.) Online Coupons
I mainly grab the ones for toiletries or cleaning supplies, occasionally for specific foods I need and the baby section. Just take a look online in the coupon section and print them off before you go. I only print the ones that I know I would be buying anyway.

#4,) The Target Red Card
Not only do you get 5% off of all purchases, if you shop online you get free shipping too!! And it's only a debit card so it comes straight out of your checking account :) So for those of you who don't like credit cards, you don't have to worry!

Those are the tips that I use. If you have any others, please share so that we can all save a little moolah while buying the things we love :) 

Thanks so much for reading!!