Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Me In High School!

Hi My Loves!!!

I thought it would be fun to do a post with some pictures if the past. I've had quite a few people over my years on you tube asking about what my prom was like, what I was like in high school, etc etc.....

High school was not fun for me. I never really felt like I fit in, I was always a little quirky and nobody really got it. I would never want to go back haha!!! My highschool years were spent in California, after we moved from England. I had a different sense of humor to all the other kids and so it took a little bit of time for people to get me I suppose. Plus I moved there my sophomore year so the cliques had already been formed the year before. Nuts! I had a small group of friends that helped me get through the transition though so that was good :)

It started out a little rough after my mom passed away but each year got a little easier and by my senior year I was feeling a little better and wasn't as awkward as the years before.

I couldn't find any pictures from when I was a sophomore because honestly I don't think I ever let people take pictures of me..... it was an awkward time what with the massive acne and weight gain but hey what can you do??

Here's a few pictures I found. I'm going to try to find more but I think they are in boxes somewhere so ill have to search one day when I have a chance :)

All of these pictures were taken from the beginning to end of my senior year. I was 17..... Wow!! 10 years ago! Yikes I feel old! Nothing like looking back and thinking it wasn't that long ago and then realizing it was 10 years ago!!!! Time flies when you are raising babies!!! I think it will be my 10 year reunion this summer.

Here's my senior pictures. Look at those long nails! 

Here's me at work. I started working at a 50's diner when I was 15 (I don't have any pictures of that job) and then the next year I started working at a marina where I rented out jet skis in the summer. It was the best job for a teen. I sat on a pier on the lake all day in the sun :) Can't beat it!! I did that for a couple summers and loved every minute of it.

The next year at the same marina working off my booty haha?!

Here's me at prom. I went with my boyfriend at the time. I did not have fun lol. I didn't like to dance and my boyfriend totally ditched me to hang out with his friends. My friends from my sophomore year weren't friends with me anymore (ahh the delights of high school drama)..... So I pretty much just sat at a table by myself the whole night at the dance. The only fun part was getting ready. My dress was from Macy's. I loved it! I felt like a princess with my long dress and tight curls haha. I was all into black and white everything at that time. I remember my room was black, white and red. I didn't go to any parties after prom. I wasn't the party type. I'm still not :)

So there's a little peek into my high school years :) So if ya didn't know.... Now ya know! :)

Wanna see what I did yesterday???

Thanks for reading :)