Thursday, February 13, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: My Baby Boy....

Hi My Loves!!!

Today's #ThrowbackThursday is very special to me because it's all about my little angel. My first baby and my best little buddy, Phoenix. I'm writing this on Wednesday but by the time you read this, it will be Phoenix's 3rd Birthday! I can't believe it. Three years have gone by since our lives changed forever and we welcomed the biggest blessing we could ever experience. I am so in love with my little man, I can't even describe my love for him. He's so special, loving, caring, sweet. He is always there to make me smile when I need it, tell me I'm beautiful when I feel ugly and tell me he loves me at the perfect time. He's just my best little guy. He told me yesterday, "Mommy, you look so beautiful, you are my best friend." He melts my heart daily ;)

So here is a few pictures over the last 3 years of Phoenix's life, starting with his very first picture. 

How cute is that little smile?

Best feeling in the world after waiting 9 long months to meet your child. It's an instant love that can never be broken.

Here he is at 10 months old on Christmas :)

Just having a conversation on the "phone" :)

Baby's First Christmas!

He's the best big brother to Lily. He loves her so much!

My little angel baby!!

Here he is eating his favorite treat on his 2nd birthday. Chocolate covered strawberries are a hit in our house. How cheeky is that look haha!!

Phoenix loves shopping and loves trying on sunglasses... these looked really good ;)

How beautiful of a little face can you get?

Can't forget him on his Uncle Rob's motorcycle. He had so much fun sitting on this and getting his picture taken this Summer.

It's amazing how fast they grow up. It does not feel like three years have gone by. I just try to soak in each moment with my babies because I know before long they will be grown up and hanging out with their friends and no longer telling me I'm their best friend (I hope they still do but you never know).... It makes me tear up :( 

So here is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing little boy Phoenix.
  You have brought me joy & love each and every single day. You have filled my heart with more love than I could ever imagine and made me smile even when I didn't think I could. You make me feel so special and you've made me a better person. Thank you for changing my life and teaching me patience, everlasting love and making me the happiest Mama in the world. I love you so very much and hope I make you feel as loved as you make me feel. You are sweet, smart, loving, caring and happy. Your smile melts my heart and you are the best son I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you for being the best big brother to Lily and making your Daddy and I so proud. 
We love you! 
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Lily & Moo

Incase you are a slightly newer follower of ours and never saw the pictures of Phoenix when he was born then head on over to my blog posts from his birth :)

To see all of our hospital pictures of Phoenix.... CLICK ME :)

Here's even more of me in labor and Phoenix's first day... CLICK THIS FOR CUTENESS!

If it's your birthday too, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The day before Valentine's Day is a very special birthday because it's ALL ABOUT YOU, yet the day before LOVE :)

Thanks for reading! Tune in to TheSchuermanShow to see how we celebrate Phoenix's very special day while we are on our trip. Then once we get back, we have a special party planned for him too! What a lucky ducky :)

My little love muffin....


  1. Such a wonderful post Sam. Happy birthday Pheonix I hope he has a wonderful day :) xx

  2. oh this almost made me cry. i remember watching phoenix' birth video. first birth i have ever experienced and i was crying like a baby because it was just so so so great of you to share this wonderful, wonderful experience. Also, I keep telling people how there's this youtube family that I've been following for so long now I've seen the Mum giving birth to a boy who is now THREE and he is just the friendliest, politest sweet boy in the world. I'm still so glad that you are back, you can't imagine.

    Thank you so much!


  3. Happy Birthday Phoenix!! He is so sweet. I love when he vlogs on youtube.

  4. This honestly touched my heart <3 how adorable. You have the most amazing family Happy birthday Phoenix!!! I been watching you guys from the very start when You where pregnant with Phoenix and its amazing to see your channel grow and to see how great you guys are doing <3 my first vloggers I have ever watched. :)

  5. He is such a beautiful,smart and loving little boy. Just like his mom!!!


  6. It's so interesting and cute how in the first pictures (Christmas at 10 months and talking on the phone) he looks more like Lily than himself now. Your babies are just the cutest blonde munchkins. Happy birthday and may you get to see them both grown up and vlogging haha (just like he did in the last couple of videos)

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  8. Happy Birthday Phoenix!!
    Just want to thank Sam and Jay for letting us be part of you daily life. Its exciting to see Phoenix and Lily grow everyday. I care for them as if I actually knew them. Congrats to the birthday boy again! Kisses :)

  9. Happy Birthday Phoenix. Thank you so much for sharing Sam and Jay. This is just so beautiful written. My daughter and I watch each and every one of your videos. My daughter asks everyday when can I watch. She would love to play with your children. They would have the best time together. Thank you for everything you both do.

  10. This made me cry! You're so sweet, Sam. Phoenix is so lucky to have a Mother that cares for him the way you do. Thank you for giving the world such a wonderful little boy. (and girl, love Lily, too!)

  11. Happy Birthday little man, you definitely are a very special little boy, you light up my day every single day.. your smart and just such a sweet caring little boy.. he just melts my heart.. he is the best.. Sam you made me cry lol your little man definitely won the hearts of so many people around the world.. i just hope he has a very very happy birthday and so many great blessings for his future. you were definitely blessed, god sure did make this little angel very special. :) thank you for sharing him with all of us every day.. he is a beautiful little boy, and the best big brother ever. <3

  12. Happy Birthday sweetheart!! Such beautiful words Sam, Mr.P is so lucky to have you as his Mama <3

  13. You should cut his hair, it's a tangly mess.

  14. Happy 3rd Birthday Phoenix! He is such a little sweetheart. I hope you all have a wonderful and special day! Thank you for sharing Sam!

  15. So cute! Hope he had a happy birthday! This is the first time I'm on this website so I hope I did everything correctly to follow your blog!

  16. So sweet Sam! You are a very lucky mommy!

  17. Phoenix is such a smart ,sweet little boy.he loves everyone ,and sees the best in everyone ,because that's what he`s been shown.
    A dr once told my mum ,(when she was boasting what a good baby I was:).."there are no "good" babies ,only Good parents"!So true.They learn by example ,and you give such a great one..Patience ,love understanding and kindness..Happy Birthday to your very special little guy.x Hope it`s another wonderful milestone ,and memory for you all:).xxxx

  18. Awe! Your babies are so cute!!!!

  19. Just started following you about a year ago so I had no idea until seeing these picture how much Lily looks like Phoenix when he was that age! Huge resemblance! Both super cute of course!

  20. Happy Birthday Phoenix! You are such an amazing young man. You are sweet, smart, kind, gentle, and we all love you. Thank you for making these videos for us with your Mom and Dad. They bring smiles to my face and love to my heart! Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy!

  21. Such a sweetie! Happy Birthday to Phoenix! It doesn't seem too long ago you did the pregnancy vlogs.

  22. Oh my.. He just keeps getting more and more adorable!

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