Monday, February 24, 2014

A Henry Hugglemonster Birthday.....

Hi My Loves!!!

This week we had Phoenix's 3rd Birthday Party. He had asked for weeks for a Henry Hugglemonster cake so that was my main focus for this party. Henry is not the most accessible little Diney fellow so I spent a lot of time online trying to find everything to make his Hugglemonster wishes come true haha! Thanks to everyone who sent links to places that had Hugglemonster things, I really appreciate it ;)

The first thing I found was this delightful little Henry fondant sculpture. I found it on Etsy and loved how it turned out. So cute, a good size and was in perfect condition when it arrived. 

Next thing I did was printed off a picture of Henry and took it down to our local Baskin Robbins and let our favorite lady there work her Hugglemonster magic. I think she did a "Roarsome" job :)

The fondant was heavy and decided to slide off but that's ok!

Phoenix loved his cake. He said it was really cool and it was delicious!!

Haha I love this!!!

I did have some other cute Henry Hugglemonster things but I was so busy that morning I forgot to take pictures of it ;( But you can see them on our vlog!


Phoenix got some really cool toys but his favorites were from Uncle Brad which was a cool car track.... they played with it for hours ;)

Lily loved the My Little Pony's that she hid when I was making up the goody bags haha! Uncle Brad and Lily played horsies for a while.....

Phoenix's most favorite toy was from BS. A camera type thingy that you put your iPhone in it and it takes pictures that you can add little designs to. She didn't actually know I had to put my phone in it, but it was too late haha! He had already fallen in love. He's taken some really cool pictures so that's all that matters :)

That's a little more of Phoenix's special day :)

Hope you had a great Monday!

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