Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Friday (Kids): 1 Shirt/Dress, 5 Ways!

Hi My Loves!!!

So I've really been enjoying doing my #WhatsNewWednesday & #ThrowbackThursday blog posts. They keep me in check and motivated to make a blog post that day. Because I know what kind of post I need to do for that day it makes them much easier for me to accomplish. I thought it might be fun to add another one into the mix. So starting today I'm going to be doing #FashionFridays as well. Every Friday will be something to do with Fashion. Whether it's an outfit of the day type post for me, a kids fashion or ootd or even one fashion piece I'm loving.... you can see it here on Friday's :) 

Does your child have a favorite shirt or dress that they always want to wear but you don't want them to look like they are always wearing the same outfit? Today's #FashionFriday is going to be a post on how to take that one favorite shirt or dress of theirs and style it into 5 different outfits ;)

(A special thank you to my gorgeous models who were very patient while I took these pictures..... I have a new found respect for baby/child photographers lol)

Here's Phoenix in his casual chic outfit ;) Phoenix is a sweatpant kind of guy. He loves to be comfy, so these pants are the perfect balance of comfort and style! They look like tweed but feel like sweats.

Next is the more colorful option for the perfect Spring time outfit. Pull out your shades cuz it's getting bright!! I love the bright zippers of these super comfy pants.

Every boy needs a classic dark jean :)

If you live in a cold place like we do, then a nice cozy jacket is a must. This one has an amazingly soft hood which looks rather fabulous on but Phoenix wouldn't let me get a picture of him with it on haha! 

Jacket: Sherpa Hoodie // Pants: Contrast Denim

Last but not least for my gorgeous model Phoenix is a very snazzy mustard outfit. Every little guy needs a murstard vest in their life after all ;) Thanks to my Aunt for this vest, it came all the way from England. The nice thing about these pants is that they are a softer material for a jean type pant, so they are not super stiff and uncomfortable.

Vest: Rebel // Pants: Cuffed Twill Pant

Can you tell he was done getting changed into a million outfits and his picture taken haha? Shortly after this he asked me to get his pj's back on and ran off.

Now onto my little princess Lily :) For Lily, I chose a cute striped dress to style 5 ways. Ladies need a good dress in their life!

Feeling chilly? Just add a super cozy cream, teddy bear eared jacket :)

Switch up the leggings, add a new hair bow and a different top and you have a whole new vibe ;)

Hairbow: Graceful by Anna // Top: Music Love Ruffle Tee // Leggings: Carters

 Just changed the top and hair bow again :) It's all about LOVE!

                      Top: (A gift from England) // Headband: Graceful by Anna // Leggings: Carters

And to end it off... my favorite outfit of all. Same dress and leggings as the first outfit with a super adorable green jacket and different hair bow. This jacket is super soft. Perfect for St. Patricks day!!

Hairbow: Graceful By Anna // Jacket: Color Knit Jacket

So there you go :) One shirt and dress styled 5 ways. We love colorful outfits, especially now that Spring will be here soon! It just makes life more cheerful :)

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far!


  1. oh my goodness!!! What a great idea for a post! I love that Lily and Mr P were able to model for you to get these photo shoots done! they are so adorable!

  2. I loved your models.....LOL!! Gorgeous!!! I also loved the outfits


  3. these pictures are so adorable!! perfect models!

  4. SOOOOOO ADORABLE! Your kids are soo lovely! Haha they def deserve a treat for being so patient and taking pics! Taking pics with toddlers is a chore!

  5. Hands down the last outfit Phoenix is wearing is just the worst. The poop colored vest and pants is just awful.

  6. Your kids look like homeless children. Probably cuz you and your husband look like meth heads.

    1. I don't think they look like meth heads but they do look like homeless people.

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