Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#WhatsNewWednesday: My Brother Does My Makeup... CLOSE UPS!

Hi My Loves!!!

This weeks #WhatsNewWednesday is something new for my brother. Today was my brother's last day staying with us before he heads back to Tahoe. I wanted to film a video with him before he left and a lot of you had asked for "My Brother Does My Makeup" as a video this week. Brad has never done any makeup before so that's why this is "New" for him :) We did it and here are the results....


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I wanted to show some close ups of his work. Technically I did fix it a little because I wiped some of it off, which now I regret doing because it doesn't show his true work haha! This was the first time he had ever done makeup and I think he did a pretty decent job considering :) It's all about having fun after all!

Please excuse my Volcano zits :( 
I had a reaction to a new product this week (will my skin ever just be nice to me haha)....

We had so much fun and it gave Brad a new appreciation for the work us women go through to look beautiful :) 

Thanks so much for watching....