Thursday, February 27, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: A Little Me & My First Lipstick!

Hi My Loves!!

It's that time again for my favorite blog post..... #ThrowbackThursday :) I just LOVE doing these. It gives me the opportunity to look at my old photo albums and share little bits of my past with you. We are going all the way back to my childhood today. I haven't looked at these pictures in so long, so it was nice to go through them all.

Here's me when I was maybe 3 or 4? I look like I'm around Phoenix's age. This was in England. I like the fact that I have food on my shirt, makes me feel like I'm not the only one who has children with food on their shirts haha! Don't I look like Phoenix here?

I love this picture of me. I look so sweet and happy. I love that dressing gown my Mom is wearing. She used to wear it all the time. I wish I still had it. My hair is so golden in this picture. So pretty :)

I used to love clip on earrings. This was in England as well. I think it was at my Nanny's house (Grandma). How cute are my brother and sister? I love her bangs, she's like a little doll. Her eyes were so big when she was little ;)

This was the first time I wore lipstick. We were at my Nanny's house and my cousin and I thought we were really grown up with our lipstick on. I wasn't sure how to smile with it on haha! Look how cute BS is puckering up her lips :) I love this picture of all of us with out cousins. I miss them so much, they live in England.

Here's my Great Grandma. Her name was Little Nanny because she was so tiny. She was quite old here and didn't have the best memory in the world. She was very sweet. I like her wallpaper :) My Mom used to wear those huge glasses, she couldn't see without them. That was my favorite coat. I loved it, I used to wear it all the time. How beautiful is my Mom's skin? I don't know what happened to me to get such crap skin. I wish I had hers but I think I got my Dad's side of the family's instead :(

Here's my little ID card for school when we lived in Tahoe. I was in 5th grade here. I think it's cool to know how much I weighed back then haha! 77 pounds! I used to wear that vest a lot. I liked wearing headbands too :)

This was in 7th grade. That's my natural hair color although I'm sure it's more ashy now. My mom curled my hair for me and I remember not wanting to wash it because then it wouldn't look as pretty. 

Last but not least.... my Mommy :) Isn't she beautiful? Her skin was olive and so perfect. My sister takes after her in that department. Her hair was so thick and healthy just like my sister too. Today was tough looking at pictures of her. Some days are easier than others when you've lost a parent or any loved one. Sometimes I can look at her and smile and then sometimes (like today) it makes me want to cry. I get sad that she's gone and wish I could just hug her. It's tough but I know I'm not alone with these feelings. I'm just feeling kinda down today so I wish I could just call her. She always knew how to make me feel better. She was my best friend and I miss her very much. She got dolled up when she threw parties for our friends. I used to sit in the bathroom with her and watch her do her hair and makeup and pick out her jewelry. Appreciate and take advantage of the time you have with your Mom's. You will miss them when they are gone. I do everyday.

 Hope you enjoyed my #ThrowbackThursday this week. I'll see you in my video tomorrow! Hope you liked my latest video with my brother too!