Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's IN/ON my Nightstand?

Hi My Loves!!

I was going to film a vid since both of my babies are asleep at the moment but I seriously sound like a old lady frog (thanks cold/cough).... anywhoooooo..... I thought I would do something a little nosy and fun :)

(As I love being nosy and I thought you might too)

Here it is.... The night stands are from Ikea Link! We've had them forever. Honestly not my dream nightstand but they do the trick. I'm waiting for the day I find that amazing white taller, strudier beauty but for now this works. It has two small drawers to hold some goodies.

On top is my most favorite lamp ever!! Shade is from Lowes (I think it's this one) and the base is a Target Clearance find :) Vase is from a garage sale, fake flowers (cuz I have a black thumb) are from Michael's and a Baby Monitor (gotta hear your babies)....

Top drawer looks like this..... A child lock, a rice sock and a bunch of magazines :)

I bought these a while ago and have only gotten one read haha!!! I plan on reading them one day when I have a free moment.

Underneath my rice sock is a lot of little lotions. Mary Kay Mint Bliss Energizing Foot Lotion and Burts Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion because it's soooo dry where we live and I hate when my feet are dry and itchy and rub on the sheets. (SICK).... Cocoa butter for my body and EOS hand lotion.

Here's is my good ol' rice sock that Jay made for me when I first had Phoenix. It's basically just one of jis socks filled with rice. These are perfect for if you get a blocked milk duct while breastfeeding. You pop it in the microwave for about a minute and just put it on the arean that is blocked. Leave it in there until it cools down, warm it up again and keep reapplying till you get annoyed with it or its gone haha! SAVIOR!!! Hair clips are incase my hair is bugging me :)

I also keep my Ipad in my nightstand too. I used it to take these pictures, so that's why it's not in there :) But I keep my headphones in here too incase I want to watch something and I don't want to disturb Lil while she's nursing or sleeping :)

Second drawer looks like this..... this is the LIL drawer :) She still sleeps in our room in her bassinet so I keep all of the things I may need for her in the middle of the night. Diapers, booty wipes, nose sucker upper thingy.....

I have an old thank you card box that I keep bobby pins, a hair tie, and Lansinoh incase my nips get sore (luckily I never have to use that)....

And that my friends, is my nightstand :) What's in yours?

Thanks for reading!

Happy Saturday :)