Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blast From The Past.....

Hi My Loves!!

Thought I would do a little throwback on a Sunday again for you. My Nanny keeps emailing me such great pictures that I just can't not share :)

Here's me at the same age as Phoenix just exercising with my Mom :) 

I posted this on Instagram yesterday.... look how little we all are! Here's my Mom, brother, baby sistor and I all snuggling in bed.

Here's me as a baby. Look at that chubby face! How do you like my hat?? Haha!

Last but not least a little bit of singing at my Nanny's (Grandma's) house. Look how bored BS looks haha!!! I'm the one with my eyes closed :)

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did! I need to dig into our old pictures of Jay when he was little!

Thanks for reading :)