Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Phoenix!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

This week has been all about Phoenix turning the big 2! His actual birthday was on Wednesday but since Daddy had to work as well as Grandma and Grandpa we decided to celebrate it on 2 different days. On his actual birthday Baby Sistor came over and we had a super fun day filled with cake, more cake and ice cream followed by cake... throw in some presents and play time at the mall and it was a very fun day for a 2 year old.

The night before looked a little something like this.....

Daddy spent about 3 hours putting the train set together that we bought him. A pain in the booty to put together but so worth it in the end. He absolutely loves it! Here's the one we got LINK! which is so typical because now it's on sale :/ Isn't that always the way. You buy something full price and the next week its on sale!!! Oh well haha!!

It also came with some wooden building blocks for free so that was nice. The great thing about Toys R Us is that if you spend over a certain amount (I think its $125 they will ship it to your house for free)....

This is what he woke up to the morning of his birthday:

We also got a bunch of balloons. Kids love balloons :)

My sister brought over some Starbucks for us, some flowers for me (for V'day) and cake for Phoenix. WHo doesn't love cake for breakfast on their birthday?? Haha! Aren't the flowers beautiful. Phoenix kept smelling them :)

So that was all of the pictures I took that day. To see what else we did watch our vlog :)

Now onto the actual birthday party..... We had a bunch of his friends over, as well as Grandpa & Grandma. Daddy took the day off especially for Phoenix so that he could have a very special birthday party :) 

It was such a busy day preparing and with all the kids that I totally slacked on taking pictures. We did vlog it though so you can check that out to see what we served, presents etc....


The chocolate covered strawberries were a huge hit with everyone. Adults and kids :) Phoenix loved them the most and I think he got more on his face, hands, shirt and pants than he did in his mouth haha!!!

Look at that chocolatey grin :)

This was him cracking up laughing after blowing out his candle. He was very amused :)

Here's the cupcakes before they got eaten.... we did a Mickey Mouse theme so they were little mickey cupcakes :)

We also had a bunch of other food as well but I couldn't get a good screenshot of it so you'll just have to watch it on TheSchuermanShow ;) 

Here's his most favorite present from Grandpa & Grandma. He LOVES it! All the kids had so much fun jumping and sliding on it. Luckily our playroom was big enough to just set it up in there but we will definitely be rearranging it tomorrow haha!! It looks like a bit of a mess in there right now ;) Gotta moves some couches and toys around for sure! 

By the end of the day he was exhausted from such a fun party.... he he is just pooped out on his castle ;)

Here's the exact one that they got LINK! It blows up within minutes and deflates pretty quickly as well. We were amazed at how sturdy of a material this is. A HUGE hit with the kiddies for sure ;)

So there was Phoenix 2nd Birthday. He had an amazing time and we loved seeing how happy he was playing with all of his friends. There is nothing better than your babies birthdays. Something about a kids birthday just makes it that much more fun.... 

Hope you enjoyed and a HUGE thank you to everyone who wished Phoenix a Happy Birthday :) We are so lucky to have such lovely friends watching us! THANK YOU!!!

Incase you missed our HARLEM SHAKE video (we had to jump on the band wagon too...)

Happy Monday!