Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Best Perfume I've Ever Sniffed!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

I got my Ulta catalog for September in the mail today which is always an exciting moment for me because it includes samples of perfume and my $3.50 coupon haha! I knew as soon as I sniffed this sample of Marc Jacobs "Honey" ($92.50 for 3.4oz) that I had to tell you guys about it and it instantly went on my wish list.

Here's the sample I got in my Ulta catalog :) I must have sniffed it about 20 times and Phoenix sniffed it about 10, saying "Oh nice babe!"

Here's what it really looks like:

(Photo Source: Sephora)

Here's what Sephora says about the perfume:

Honey by Marc Jacobs is a sunny, delicious floral—energetic and alluring, with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth. 

This buzzing fragrance energizes with the freshness of green pear and a bright splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. Orange blossom resides at the heart of the fragrance and mingles with the nectars of honeysuckle and peach for a note of sparkling femininity. Honey, vanilla, and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base. 

Pear, Juicy Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle, Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods. 
Sweet. Sassy. Energized.

 Here's what I say about the perfume:
The scent of this is like heaven. It's feminine, subtle, sweet and floral at the same time. This is one of those scents you just can't stop sniffing and I MUST HAVE IT!! It's literally the best perfume I may have ever sniffed in my life and I've sniffed a lot! This is definitely on my MUST PURCHASE SOON list. I highly recommend the next time you are at Ulta or Sephora, get a sample or just go and have a sniffy wiffy :) Let me know how you like it. If you do have it, how does it wear? Is it one of the delightful ones that stay smelling amazing all day long?

I just had to share this with you because it is the best scent ever!

And here's a recap of my last few videos this week:

Yesterday Lily tried to beat me up...

Wanna make your teeth look pearly white without having to use whitening products???

Last but not least my favorite video of this week so far:

Still sniffing my sample on and off as I write this at midnight.....