Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Phoenix's Bedroom: Before & After

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Long time, no blog post. Sorry about that! With all the traveling we've been doing this month I found it quite difficult to keep up with everything. Good news is I'm starting back with a GREAT blog post. Today is the revealing of Phoenix's new bedroom. We worked our booty's off on his room and I am so happy with how it turned out. Jay did an amazing job re doing the trim from the wood to the beautiful clean and crisp white. He painted the ceiling a super bright white and then added a pop of green to the walls. 

This blog post is going to be FULL of pictures, so beware haha!! There's over 50 I think. Everything that I can remember will be listed of where we got it etc....



Before we did anything, the walls were an off white (which just looked dirty and dull even though they were clean haha) and there was a stained wood trim with grooves and angled cuts. It just isn't our style and so Jay ripped all of the trim out and started from scratch. The door knobs ad hardware were all shiny gold which again just isn't our taste.



There was no trim in the closet at all.

Just a regular switch plate for the lights.


Jay repainted the ceiling with Behr Ultra Pure White in Semi Gloss (same on the trim and window, door frames etc) and then for the walls we went with Behr Spring Morn in Satin. We decided to go with 3 1/2 inch trim with a little lip on top to keep it looking modern.

Same around the windows.

I forgot to take after pictures of the trim and window close up and finished but he caulked all the holes and lines to fill it up and then repainted everything to make sure it looked perfecto ;)

Onto the BEST part..... the after pictures! I am seriously so excited to share the finished result and couldn't be more happy with how this room turned out. I think it's the perfect balance of a little boy's room but with a certain chicness and sophistication (if I don't say so myself haha)....


The bed we purchased at Ashley Furniture. They delivered it and put it together for an additional $69 which I thought was totally worth it. It did take a while to get to us, we ended up being gone by the time they were ready so luckily they said they would hold it in their warehouse until we got home. The headboard was damaged when it got to us, so they ordered a new one and said they will be redelivering that out as soon as it gets to them. 

We decided to go with a queen for him. I know some people might think that it's too big for a two year old but we figured why buy a bunch of different sets and then have to get new ones as he gets older? Might as well just go all out and get a queen size set that he can use for a long time. He slept in queens in the hotels while we were traveling and LOVED it so now he has an extra big boy bed. Luckily with all this traveling he has learned how to sleep in it pretty darn good haha! We purchased the mattress at Sam's Club and it is so comfy!! I grew up having a queen bed from a super young age too so I've always had either Queens or Kings and I must say it's rather delightful.... (especially for me growing up when I had sleepovers, we all hopped into my big bed and were oh so comfy).

I got the bedding from Target. It is so soft and I like the dark navy blue against the white furniture and light green walls. I think it's the perfect balance of being a bright, cheery room but still looking like it belongs to a boy :) The sheets and body pillow were from Target as well. His little Toy Story pillow (similar one here) was a gift from my sweet friend Devon

Here's Phoenix checking out his new books :) The rug is so cozy and we got that from Target too. (You will see how much I love Target from this room haha)

Here's his reading nook. We found the chevron book holders at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. They have a section in the front that you can write whatever you want in chalk (so cute)... They do hold quite a good amount of books and have two little hooks on the bottom. We got the beanbag (similar one here) at Target for him for Christmas. 

Our nightstand also came as an additional add on to his bedroom set. We got that at Ashley Furniture as well. It has one deep drawer which holds a lot and then the little cubby which holds his little keepsake box perfectly. 

These books were a gift from my friend Hayley. They are so cute and Phoenix and Lily love them!! Perfect for keeping by the bed for story time. Lamp is from Home Depot (what a score that was) and the frame was a souvenir from Hawaii :)

You gotta have your buddies hanging out with you in bed! Aren't they cute?

These have to be one of my favorite! We found these at Hobby Lobby too, 50% off. Phoenix actually pointed to them because he was saying 1, 2, 3 and then I saw the chevron and thought they would be perfect for his room. SO happy with these :)

We got these frames at TJ Maxx and filled them with pictures of our trips and Lily and Phoenix at Christmas :)

This blanket was made by a sweet subscriber when I was pregnant with Phoenix. He loves it, it's so super soft. Who knew that 3 years later it would be the color inspiration for his walls!

We updated the switch cover to a slightly snazzier one that we got at Lowe's on clearance.

Curtain rod, brackets and the finials are by Martha Stewart at Home Depot and the curtains are from Target. I love these curtains. The material has a beautiful sheen (they look way more expensive than they were) and the best part is they block out the light perfectly for nap time so it's nice and dark in there for him. 

These are the little book holders I talked about earlier. SO cute!!

This was a baby shower gift I got from my friend Dana when I was 5 months pregnant with him :)

Second frame from TJ Maxx. Isn't he the cutest?? (Other than Lily of course)

Here's the closet door with the new trim and hardware. Jay used the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed bronze spray paint on the hhinges and we bought the new knobs (we didn't like the shape of the old ones) from Lowes. The little pillow hanger was from the dollar store ;)

We got Phoenix 2 little ottoman/storage bins from Target to store extra blankets and books. This one is perfect to help him climb in and out of bed.

His name letters were another gift from a sweet subscriber years ago when I was pregnant with Phoenix. I wish I had a way of sharing her website but I can't find it ;(

This picture was another great find at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Phoenix picked this one out too :)

The dresser is from Ashley Furniture as well. We bought it as a set with the bed ;) I love this dresser. It's nice and tall, sturdy and the drawers glide out so easily and are super deep. It holds so much more than his old dresser. Plus the mirror is so big!

So glad I found these lamps at Home Depot. I love them!!!

Jay trimmed and painted inside the closet too. I love it!

The storage bin we found on Craiglist for super cheap. Total deal!

Jay added more hanging space for Phoenix as there really wasn't much at all.

Storage totes are from Lowes

Here's our crayon art that we all worked together on as a family. This is such a fun project to do if you have little ones. It's so easy and Phoenix had so much fun helping!


Mickey was a souvenir from our trip to Disneyland. Phoenix is obsessed with Mickey :)

Can't forget Woo Woo looking all floppy and pathetic on the end here.

And here is Phoenix's view from when he lays in bed.....

I really hope you like Phoenix's new room :) He loves it and all day says, "Mommy, show me" and then pulls my hand and leads me to his bedroom. He said he slept so good and for a long time and loves it so much. He also said "Thank You Babe" when we were all done with it :)
 That is priceless!

Please feel free to PIN this on your pinterest, share it with your friend who may need inspiration. I realize not everyone will have the same taste as us but even if you see one thing that might inspire you or someone else for your boys room :) After all, sharing is caring!

Hope you enjoyed this picture filled and super long blog post :)

Thanks so much for reading/watching!

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