Tuesday, September 10, 2013

False Lashes Haul!

Hi My Loves!

I recently ordered a bunch of false lashes for the upcoming holiday season. With Halloween right around the corner, Thanksgiving and of course family Christmas pictures etc, I thought I'd better stock up! I love the way false lashes look but I find that I really only have a couple of pairs in my collection due to the fact that I always have problems with lash glue. I end up not wearing any in my tutorials because I until this haul, I hadn't found a glue that didn't irritate my sensitive eyes. Luckily I have finally found one that doesn't bother me!! Hooray!!! So prepare for some new looks with eyelashes and please start sending your requests for Halloween tutorials that you would like to see ;)


I ordered all of the stuff shown below from iKateHouse. The shipping was super quick and it's free if you spend over $39. Other wise it's $2.95. Also they are having a sale for 20% off of all the lashes right now. 
Here's everything I ordered. 

I'm wearing these today and I love them for my shape of eyes. They are the perfect length and just look so pretty!! 

Here's the lash glue I was telling you about. The Sassi one in the straight tube. It has a brush which is super easy to use and not messy at all. It's the best lash glue I've used so far. Dries quickly and holds the lashes down really well ;) I also picked up two others to try as well.

I was super impressed with their prices as well as their selection. They have so many lashes to choose from that it honestly took me about 30 minutes to pick out the ones I wanted haha! If you want affordable lashes with tons of different styles to choose form as well as different options of glue (so excited I finally found one that I'm not allergic to) then definitely check this website out :) I think the most expensive pair I ordered was $3.99 and most of them were $1.49 to $2.99.

Hope this has helped :)

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