Monday, September 23, 2013

Lily's First Birthday Party in Pictures!

Hi My Loves!!!

Over the weekend we had Lily's First Birthday party. We had such an amazing time and everyone had so much fun! I have some pictures from the party that I wanted to share with you :) I also have a birthday clothing haul of everything she got for her birthday as far as clothes go too.


We had a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday theme. Lily loves Minnie Mouse so it was so easy to decide. We got everything from Party America as far as the decorations go. I covered our desk to display the cakes and party favor bags with one of Lily's sheets so that it was polka dot to match the other decor. 

Lily had a beautiful bow made to match her Tutu dress from Sassy & Sweet Bowtique. She looked so cute with her First birthday bib on too :)

We got the high chair decorating kit too seeing as the highchair is always in the pictures and we wanted it to look a little cuter :)

Here's all the decorations with the cupcakes in the cupcake stand :) I made the cupcakes myself.... nothing fancy but cute.

I got these bowls from Ross and placed them in the shape of Minnie Mouse :)

Pink lemonade to go with all the pink decor.

Phoenix wanted to take pictures too :)

I decided to order the main cake this time instead of attempting it myself again. I'm so glad I did because this was so cute and super yummy! We got it at Baskin Robbins and it was white cake with oreo ice cream. YUM!!

Lily loved the cupcakes. She actually wasn't too fond of the ice cream cake so she stuck to Mama's cupcakes instead :)

Phoenix liked the cupcakes too. He likes the frosting but not the cake ;)

Baby Sistor looked so cute in her top. It's from Goodwill! What a score!!

Addie wanted to take a picture with the birthday girl :)

After all of our friends went home, Lily and Phoenix played with Grandma with all the new toys :)

We were so busy all day that by the end of the evening I realized we hadn't gotten any family pictures together, so we snapped some. I had my sweater that I got from Ross to match Lily :)

Daddy and Phoenix were supposed to wear pink too but I was so busy getting everything ready I forgot to tell them haha!

And the morning after we all played in Lily's new tunnel :)

Hope you like our pictures :)

If you haven't seen Lily's Birthday Party vlog yet.... 

Thanks for reading/watching!


  1. such a cute theme! happy first birthday lily!

  2. Such beautiful pictures!! Love your family so much, sweet Sam!

  3. Aww I can't believe she is one already! Love your sweater. And wow, Jay looks amazing! Go Jay!

  4. OMG, so adorable. I subscribed to your daily vlogs over the summer and am now going back seeing some of your old videos. Mr. P and Lilybug are getting cuter and cuter everyday. Love their little personalities and Lily's attitude. She is going to be one sassy girl. Loved her b-day outfit and the party looked so much fun. You have amazing patience.

  5. Hey Sam, how do I get updates to your blog without signing up for bloglovin ?? I looked at jays blog and all I did was type in my email and I received updates every time he wrote a blog post. Please help me out :) Thanks !!

  6. hello Sam :) what a great birthay-party you made! and the cupcakes lookes so Yummi!! can you please give me the recipe on them here? that would be great! :)

  7. Mind-blowing decoration! I am looking for ideas for my nephew’s birthday party. I can use this idea but in a different color for him. She is very adorable! My nephew will also turn 1 this year and I have booked one of the New York venues for his birthday party. Can you also share the recipe for the cupcakes?

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