Friday, September 13, 2013

Lily's First Birthday!!

Hi My Loves!!!

Today Lily turned one! Can you believe it :) It's gone by so fast! Thank you to everyone who saw my blog post before this one about Lily and for all the sweet comments ;) Today's blog post is just going to be some extra pictures from our birthday celebrations today. We captured it on our vlog of course but I always like to share the pictures I take as well because they are so cute!


Prepare for 1 million pictures.... ok maybe not one million but at least 100 haha!!

HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO I MADE FOR LILY??? (It's her first year in pictures!!)

Lily's actual birthday party for her and all of her friends is on Saturday but I still wanted to have a fun birthday for her actual birthday with cake and presents and decorations :) We started it off with her favorite breakfast..... pancakes and eggs! She wasn't too impressed with her birthday crown but it looked pretty darn cute on her!

We were playing peek a boo with her crown haha!

I made Phoenix his favorite Mickey Mouse Pancake with chocolate chips. He was pretty excited about it as you can see here!

We put all of her presents out with her decorations so that it would look nice and festive :)

Wrapping paper was from The Dollar Tree and the decorations were from Party America....

Phoenix decorated her card for her ;)

Time to open presents!! 

Trying out her new car.... big brother was helping her out!

Her headband is by Graceful by Anna on Etsy and her dress was a gift from my sweet friend Hayley on you tube. 

Then she moved on to her lady bug. 

Phoenix decided to give the car a try too!

SO intrigued as to where the balls went......

A few more of her toys that she got from Daddy & I, Phoenix & Moo. We got everything at Target minus the books (those were from our friend)

This was Lily's favorite toy. Her makeup vanity so she can be just like Mommy :)

Her second favorite was a tea set which sings and lights up.

We decided to get this cool wood toy for her because we figured it's one of those toys that is classic and can be kept for a long time. When we were shopping for Phoenix's furniture at Ashley, they had a similar one there and he loved it so we thought it would be perfect for the both of them to play with and it can grow with her too.

Every girl needs her makeup puff at all times!

She was so tired after all the excitement of opening presents and playing with them all morning.

Auntie BS came over and played with all of their toys after they had their naps.

I love how she's holding on to her lipstick ;)

For dinner I made one of the kids favorites... homemade Mac n Cheese. Lily had avocado too (she's obsessed with avocado)...

The cake was not what I had planned haha. My friend from play group gave me the recipe for the frosting and I was thinking it would be more thick and fluffy so that I could cover the entire cake is a beautiful raspberry pink frosting. It ended up being super runny and a bit of a mess really. I have to admit I was hoping it would have turned out cuter and please don't judge me on such poor cake skills haha!! It was supposed to be beautiful but let's just call it cute. Either way Lily loved it and so did Phoenix so that's all that matters. It's not that it tasted bad it was just a bit messy looking haha!!

Oh dear.... look at that sad leaning tower of runny frosting cake. You just have to laugh and be thankful it was the cake I chose to do for her actual party haha!! This is why I always stick to cupcakes. You can't mess them up!

It was a hit!!! She had a good old time!

After a huge mess of cake and a fun bath with our tea cups, we all got into our pajamas and took some family pictures before bed :)

Can't believe my tiny little baby Lily is one! This year has been full of such great moments and has gone by so fast. I'm so glad we got to share these great times with all of you! Thank you for welcoming our family into your homes every day :) We appreciate you all so much and Lily wants to thank you all for the sweet birthday comments, messages, tweets etc. You have made her first birthday that much more extra special for us, with your kinds words. 

Happy First Birthday Lily Bug!! We hope you had the best first birthday until your next party on Saturday haha!! We love you Lily!!! 

Thanks for reading!!

If you want to see how I curled my hair and some great moves from Lily.....