Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree.....

Hi My Loves!!!

Seeing as it's almost Christmas I thought it would be a perfect time to do a little tree/ornament breakdown :) Basically just a post all about our tree and where we got everything....

So here you go. Thanks to my favorite picture editing program PicMonkey I added the stores names right onto the specific ornament.... oh technology eh??? 

These were all on Clearance last year at Michael's after Valentine's Day. I think I got them for $1 each or something close to that. I really lucked out because I had found out I was pregnant and knew that if it was a girl we would name her Lily.... luckily they had one L left so I got it just incase.... it worked out perfectly :)

Each year we are going to pick out one special ornament for the babies, so that by the time they leave the house and have their own tree... they will have a nice little collection. 

This was Phoenix's first ornament from last year. It's a glass cow jumping over the moon, like the nursery rhyme :) 

This is the one we picked for Phoenix this year. It's so sparkly and pretty and rather suiting for where we live :)

Here's Lily's first ornament :) A cupcake that's pink and sparkly..... so cute,  just like her!

This year we really lucked out on finding the perfect ornaments at Sam's Club. We got a big massive tub of sparkly blue, pink and other colors for $29!! I think it had 100 ornaments in it. We just used the pink and blue ones.... pink for Lily and blue for Phoenix :)

So there is our little tree. It's just how I've always wanted my tree to be and I love it so much. 

Hope you like it!

And incase you missed my latest video....

Thanks for reading/watching :)