Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fails this Week.......

Hi My Loves!!!

I had a couple of WAH WAH WAH moments this week. I figured I would share them with you as sometimes it's good to share not only the delightful moments in life but the sucky ones too haha :) Gotta keep it real you know!

Here we go.....

#1. FAIL: My poor pathetic little honey cake :(
 I had such high hopes for this cake. Ever since I saw Daisy talking about it on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a few weeks ago, I've been craving it. I got all the ingredients but kept running out of time to actually make it. So for Jay's birthday on Friday, I figured why not make it??? FAIL!!! It turned out to be a bit crap to be honest. POO ;( I was so sad. Of all the moments for me to make a recipe that wasn't super delicious... it had to be his birthday. Not that he really cared but I did. So yah... a big fat fail to the honey cake. I will not be making that again :( It's not like I overcooked it. The actually texture was really nice, it was just so bland. 

#2. FAIL: I misplaced the birthday candles....
Seriously??? Can my brain be any more scattered? LOL.... I had some candles for Jay's birthday for his special birthday wish. I remember putting them somewhere safe so that I wouldn't lose them. Too bad I can't remember where I actually put them for "safe keeping" :/ Haha!!! Oh you poor sad little brain you. So I lit a big candle and he blew that out instead. :)

#3. FAIL: I think I'm allergic to the Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder :(
This is so sad. It's weird because the first time I wore it, I was fine but for some reason when I took it off the other night my eyes BURNED for the whole night. The actual eyelid felt cut. I'm wondering if I scraped too rough with the cotton pad and the little glitter pieces scratched the skin?? Either way I've never had that problem with other glitter before so now I'm feeling like I shouldn't wear it again..... decisions decisions...... All I know is that it hurt something fierce and looked pretty sore.

Those are my fails this week haha. How about you guys? Did you have any major or minor fails this week, so I don't feel left out in life?

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Aw Sam *hugs* yes I definitely had a few fails this week too!

    Christmas tree - my husband, nick, and I went to pick our Xmas tree (a real one) we got him home and put him in the bracket stand thing, then realised you were supposed to chop off an inch from the bottom of the trunk! So we had to unscrew him, go and buy a hacksaw to cut him - that snapped half way through cutting! About 4 hours later we finally got the tree sorted then I realised my lights for it were broken!
    Finally got it all sorted, new lights and decorated last night! Talk about a Xmas mission lol!
    It does look really lovely now though I must say!

    So you are certainly not alone with the fails , love xxx

  2. Sam, I dropped a whole jug of Arnold Palmer tea on my laundry room floor while bringing the groceries in the house and it exploded! The room was completely flooded! Shoes all full of tea! It was awful! Took 4 beach towels to soak it up!
    I blame mine on pregnancy brain :)