Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My New Favorite......

Hi My Loves!!!

I thought this article of clothing deserved a blog post of it's own as it has quickly (over the span of the day) become my favorite sweater. I received this from my Aunt who lives in England, for Christmas. I washed it straight away so that I could wear it today :)

Luckily I found the exact sweater online for those of you who might want it too. Now I'm not sure if you will be able to get it if you live in the US... but for my UK followers, here you go!

Dickins & Jones Ladies Knitted Cowl Neck Jumper Link!

Here is the sweater on me. Mine is an XL so that you have an idea of how it runs. I normally wear a medium to large depending on how I want it to fit and my girls are a 34 E or something ridiculous like that.....

(This is taken in Lily's room cuz I thought it would look all matchy with the pink in there)

Here is what it looks like on the model:

(Photo Source: Link!)

I washed beautifully, no wrinkles or any shrinkage. It's sooooo amazing soft and comfy. Warm but not sweaty..... I love that the wrist area is tighter so that you don't have a bunch of material flopping about onto your hands.... and when you have to do dishes or change diapers you can pull up the sleeves without having to worry that they will slip down in 2 seconds (that drives me crazy when that happens)....

This is also the PERFECT top for nursing! It's got the fabulous cowl neck and it's very stretchy so that you have easy access to whip out the boob and feed your little one :) (YAH BUDDY!!) Also, it's nice and loose around the tummy so that if you do have a little extra love in the tummy pooch area... DON'T WORRY!!!! It's hidden :)

Looks snazzy, feels comfy... what more could you ask for?

So a HUGE thank you to my Aunt for picking out an amazing top for me!

Thanks for reading :)