Sunday, May 6, 2012

Revlon Age Defying with Botafirm Foundation Review!

Hi My Loves!!!

I picked this up a couple of days ago and thought I would do a review on it. It's the Revlon Age Defying with Botafirm Foundation. The color I got was 02 Bare Buff. It was the 2nd to lightest (I'm pretty sure)...... I've been on the hunt for a foundation that is going to be good for wrinkles, glowy and make my skin look healthy and moisturized... but still covering my booboos.

 I would prefer if it had a pump. It's a glass bottle, which is pretty typical... not so great for traveling as it could smash.

Medium to Full. It's definitely more on the sheer side if you apply it with your fingers. When applied with my favorite foundation brush (Sigma F80) you can build up the coverage to cover most, if not all of your lovely imperfections. 

On me it's definitely more on the Matte side. I was hoping it would be more of a dewy, moisturizing formula as it is "age defying" but it wasn't dewy at all.

Liquid, not sticky at all. It's a little more liquidy than creamy.

I applied it with my Sigma F80. It blends pretty easily and dries not too fast but not super slowly. I wouldn't say this would be a good foundation for touching up throughout the day though. I feel like it would get a bit patchy or cakey, if you added more on top.

Wrinkle Friendliness:
I thought for an age defying foundation it was going to make my skin look dewy, youthful and just delightful in general. I will say it was pretty good as far as not settling into the wrinkles, so that was good but it was very matte and dry looking. 

Lasting Power: 
Very good. I applied it around 9am and it still was on and not patchy or wonky at 8pm when I took it off. It lasted all day without bunching up, breaking apart or going all blotchy and weird around my chin. It wears really well (at least on my normal/dry skin).....

I felt like when I picked out the color at the store from just looking at the bottle, it was going to be perfect. In the bottle it looks like it has a nice yellow base and has a decent color as far as not being too pale. As soon as you apply it to your face or start rubbing it in, it goes a good 1 shade lighter and almost like a pinky/ashy color. NOT GOOD :( This was the most disappointing of all. The next color up was about 2 shades darker.... It just made me look pale and ill.

Easy to Remove?
Not Really, it really stays on well so when I went to remove it, it was rather difficult. It took a 2 wipes, instead of one.

SPF: 20

$9.94 at Walmart

Who's it best for?
I would say this would be great for someone who is concerned with the wrinkles but still has a fair bit of oil to their skin, so maybe a normal or normal/combination skin type would be good. If you are dry, I wouldn't recommend it, as by the end of the day my face just felt a bit dry and tight and outside in the sunlight, my skin looked old. If you like a matte finish but hate the cakey look, you might like this.

Would I repurchase? 
No. I will be returning this to the store for sure. Although the lasting power, coverage and wrinkle factor was good, it just didn't have the finish and final look I was going for. I want my skin to look dewy, youthful and healthy.... not dry and deathly! Haha

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the foundation. These were taken around 6pm, so after 9 hours of wear.

Direct sun light on one side of my face.....

With flash...

Without flash.....

I hope this has helped with your decision in whether to try this out or not. 

Thanks for reading!!

Happy Sunday :)




  1. Sam, i swear, go buy the Garnier Miracle Perfecting BB Cream. I'm serious, you need to review it, it leaves a glow finish, it is somewhat sheer but you CAN build it, it looks great ALL DAY, even after i go for my 30min power walk with my sis-in-law, i am in love with the stuff! And it doesn't settle AT ALL into all my crows feet and forehead wrinkles and such, it makes your skin look beautiful!! It looks a bit shiny/oily for the first minute you apply it but then it forms to your skin and leaves a soft sheen, not oily at all so you just have to wait a minute. :) I hope you try it i think it can really help, and it has wonderful properties in it to improve your skin while you're wearing it!! Best of luck beautiful!!


  2. I think this would be great for those of us hitting close to 30 starting to think about anti-aging routines!

  3. This photographs really well even with the SPF 20 :)
    Thanks for the review, I want to try it so badly now!!

  4. I know it gets hard to do videos all the time and i love that you keep up with your blog unlike a lot of other vloggers! Keep up the good work Sam. I look forward to more blog reviews like this!! And i imagine it's much easier for you to quickly right a blog post instead of making a video. :)

  5. This foundation is one of only a handful that I have not tried in my search for an appropriate foundation for my aging skin. I think I'll skip it, thank you. I have been retrying those still in my cabinet, mixing each with my new FIT foundation. It really does help with the forehead wrinkles so again, thank you Sam!

  6. Have you tried mineral foundation?
    I'm in love with the Mineral Hygenics now, it leaves your skin looking dewy and covers realy well. ;)

  7. wow revlon foundation is so much more expensive in australia :O $30-$40! crazy. With flash it still looks really nice and doesnt give off a white cast, Sounds like a nice foundation.
    Keep up the good reviews :)

  8. I'm with you on the texture, it's not as flattering as it could be and as you say, dewy with a healthy sheen is the look you want.

    Disagree with you on the colour though - it looks perfect, matches your neck perfectly and although it looks pale with flash, again it matches your neck and looks like your correct colour. I sometimes think you go for foundations that are a little too dark for you though.

    I reckon Bourjois' Healthy Mix serum foundation would be lovely on you, L'Oreal's Lumi Magique could also be good for a dewy look or perhaps even the new Avon Ideal Flawless one.