Friday, May 25, 2012

FOTD & OOTD: A POP of Pink & Leopard!

Hi My Loves!!!

Here's my outfit and makeup I'm wearing in today's Friday Favorites & Fudgeroos :)

Watch it here:

This weather has been so crazy... one day it's super nice and warm, the next it's cold and rainy, then by the afternoon it's warm again... I can't keep up!! I must say though, I do love me some rain so I'm totally happy about that part ;)

The straps look a bit poo but oh well ;)

Pink Top: Wet Seal
White 3/4 length top: Stylemint
Celebrity Pink Black Skinny Jeans: Ross
Black Cardigan: Ross
Report Wedges: Ross
Leopard Belt: Kohl's
Headband: Casa de Chic Boutique on Facebook
Earrings & Necklace: Mother's Day Gift :)

Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Make-up Primer in Bronze
Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream mixed with Maybelline FIT Me in #235
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer in Fair
Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Tahitian Glow All Over Face & Body Glow
Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty
Lorac Perfectly Lit Luminous

Mac Paint Bare Canvas
Mac Lingering
Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle Hues in Mauve Majesty
Sigma Paris Palette e/s in Eiffel & Rouge & Lumiere Blush (use coupon code XSPARKAGE for $10 off the palette)
Laura Geller Sandbar Baked Eye Dreams e/s in Dark Brown
Lorac Perfectly Lit Luminous
Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions

Mac Lip Liner in In Synch
Laura Geller Lip Pops in Midtown Melon

Hope you all have a lovely and fabulous Memorial Day Weekend :) Please be safe!

Random Question: (it just popped into my head as I was typing my name)..... 
If you could have any name, what would you choose or would you keep your own? 

Thanks for reading/watching loves :)




  1. You are gorgeous!:-) Cant wait for Friday Fav and Fudgeroos!:-D xx M.

  2. Very, very cute! You need to be in a pregnancy model magazine! :)

  3. how can You be so lovely ? :D I love those shoes!

  4. Love your braid! You look beautiful :)

  5. Gorgeous! I would love a hair tutorial for this :)

  6. Love the makeup !! You look so adorable (and lovely) !! I just had my 3rd baby almost 4 weeks first daughter is Sarah Elizabeth and my hubby wanted to name our 2nd daughter with another S name. My hubby picked Samantha Elizabeth. So, now I have a Sarah & Samantha :)
    I wouldnt change my name: Rebecca Ann....because my mum picked it out :)
    Love from Ca

  7. Sam,
    It's seriously time for you to hang up this whole blog and youtube thing. Go focus on your family and since you SO badly want all the aspects that you once shared with us, to now be private- it's time to go.
    I never in a million years thought I would unsubscribe to you. NEVER. But now I feel you are full of shit and like to play the bait and switch game.
    You share your exciting BABY news with us, post pictures, give us updates on your cravings and feelings, etc. Show us ultrasounds, then the BIG gender reveal- ALL FOLLOWED BY- "SORRY BUT YOU WILL NOT BE SEEING OUR BABY, ETC"
    Seriously!?!?! WTF!!!! Why did you even bother sharing that with us?
    You have SO MANY loyal viewers who fell in love with you from DAY 1- before you were even pregnant with Phoenix. You have been up and down and up and down. I do understand that you got "supposed threats" and that is what you made you withdraw the Scheurman show and shield Phoenix from the public. BUT WHY IN THE HELL did you announce your pregnancy and give all these updates just to bitch slap all of us to tell us basically "Our new baby isn't any of your business"- WHEN YOU MADE IT OUT BUSINESS?!?!
    I am over it, you, your channel and your BS.
    Good luck.

  8. I agree with Brooke. You basically showed a seriously amount of disrespect for the people who made you WHO YOU ARE on the internet.

    1. How about you and Brooke show some RESPECT and respect her wishes. If I had threats made towards me and my family, you bet your ass I wouldn't be showing my children anymore on the Internet! I understand where she's coming from, being a mother myself. She still shares her pregnancy with us because to the "loyal" subscribers, she still wants to share some of her life with. Protecting her children does not warrant such nasty comments from people like you two. She's better off losing you both as subscribers, along with all of the rest of the jackasses who keep harassing her. Sam, I think you're great, please keep doing what you do as an amazing beauty guru! Xoxo

    2. I agree with Shelley...I do think that perhaps you two ladies need to find other hobbies or attend to your own families rather than sitting there and bickering at a woman whose giving her beauty insights and her ideals for fashion. It's a free world, and she can blog all she wants and she can share whatever she likes...she doesn't have a contract with you or any one of you that she has to specifically do everything the way you only want it to be. So she got aren't in her shoes so you can bicker all you want about it and make it seem like its no big deal...but when you are in her shoes and ppl start to harass your family, and threaten you by saying things bout your child than you will be doing exactly what she did...doing youtube/blogs is a hobby for Sam. She enjoys it and there are a lot of us that enjoy just seeing her face and her vibrant personality. It lifts our days a little better to see a happy, fun- loving soul. Unlike half of you have nothing better to do but to bicker...sorry that your lives suck but don't go around telling people what to do with what go unsubscribe to Sam and don't look at her blogs...for every person that she loses she will always gain a few more...piss off losers.

    3. Remember, they had these threats at the end of last year. If those threats were true, why would she be sharing her pregnancy announcement and pregnancy blogs on the internet? If your family had threats made toward you and your family, would you do that? You're right, you wouldn't be showing your children (even one that is not born yet). You would want to protect them, right? So, why did she do that and lead people on. Forget that about sharing per pregnancy to her "loyal" subscribers..if she was so worried about what is most important and not showing pictures or any updates after the baby is born, why even start and lead people on. She clearly doesn't think before she acts, just like what happened the end of last year with the Schuerman Channel.

      She is better off leaving YT and leaving behind subscribers that she is losing. She is not being forthcoming and honest anyways.

    4. To the anonymous poster above me- VERY WELL SAID. Kudos to you! And you kept it classy!

    5. Shelley- HER OWN DAD STATED ON HIS YOUTUBE PAGE THAT THERE WERE NEVER ANY THREATS MADE. They simply were too busy to continue to do the Scheurman show and they weren't getting paid for the Scheurman show, only her makeup channel. So they stopped and focused on where they made the money.
      This child threat thing is BULLSHIT and if Sam and Jay or whatever his real name is were just honest from the get go, they wouldn't be getting all this backlash.

      Hats off to the anonymous poster two above me.

  9. Your alfit looks terrible !!! Why the hell would you wear that belt with that and the ugly florescent shirt under it. Like come on lol !!!

    1. OUTFIT- that is how you spell it.

    2. In my country you idiot we say ALFIAT !!!!! You are one stupid American !! So before you tell someone how to SPELL SOMETHING !!! Make sure it's how they spell it in there country !

    3. Their- NOT THERE. That is how it is used in EVERY country. And I never said I was American. Obviously you are a racist person with a thing against Americans. Tell your daddy Obama we said hi.

    4. So is it Alfit or Alfiat. I'm confused. :\

    5. Hahahahaha^^

  10. love the leapord belt. you look so amazing. i looked like poo and wore huge tents during pregnancy. im so jealous.
    honestly im in love with the name leila. or layla, i named my daughter leila about 6 yrs ago and ive been in love with it since. its easy to spell, easy to pronounce. its so feminine. its popular in many cultures. its traditional.
    the little neighborhood girl is maylee and i think thats sweet too. i like racheal but most racheals ive known are bitches so its hard. emma is sweet but too many emmas around. how about leila though, isnt it perfect;)

  11. Jealous much you nasties? Sam, you are lovely.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      How about using your real name instead of name calling under an alias.
      That is all you idiot.

  12. Samantha, I LOVE your outfit, and I think the belt really is cute on it. Well duh Brooke, seriously, really?...I think we would have probably noticed that she might be pregnant! Give her a break! I wouldn't change my name either, as my Daddy and G'mother named me. My Mom had toximia (I think I butchered the spelling)and went into seizures when she had me. Mom didn't get to see me until I was 6 days old, which was on Christmas eve. Mom and Dad are both gone now, and I miss them so much! They named me Marlene, and I love it!

  13. You look cute Sam, also liking your hair!
    My name is Stella, and I definitely wouldn't change it cos my mummy and daddy chose it for me.
    It is unique, I never knew another Stella as a child which made me feel special amongst multiple Emilys', Sarahs' and Jessicas'.

  14. I wish Sam and Jay the best! I love them and like everyone else I was captivated by this family. I am not a mother yet, but my husband and I are trying for next year. If some stranger threatened my child or family I would do the same as Sam. However, it is just not the same anymore. Her channel, her approach now, I feel, is so cold and detached. She doesn't show any warmth, or joy, or emotions to the people who are loyal to her. It sucks that the haters won in the end, but what else can she do? I would be terrified.

    I feel that all of this could have been avoided if they had put their comments on approval only, and had Jay approve them, as he used to delete/block ppl anyways.

  15. I love your hair here =)

  16. im a little upset too that we dont get to see pregnancy vlogs or at least a pic of the little princess...i miss the daily vlogs and i just overall miss everything cause i couldnt wait to see them videos and now its like "oh friday fav and fudges" guess il watch it :(

  17. It would be so nice if people could stay on topic and quit ranting....

    My name is kind of a mixed bag. Hardly anyone has it, so that is nice. It's a surprise and a rarity when I meet another "Charlotte". However nobody can spell it, and it never fit on anything personalized... in fact I have had problems in the past with my name not fitting in type in boxes etc as well. My kids are Christian Alexander (if a girl he would have been Alaura Brianne, which I still love), Belinda Rochelle, and Alissa Loelle.

  18. My God gal, you have some evil commenters on here. What's wrong with people - say nothing if you have nothing nice to say.

    Sam is sharing her pregnancy because it is hers and hers alone to share, her baby is a separate person and therefore not 'hers' to share. She realises she made a mistake sharing her son on her vlog due to nutters & stuff so just accept that, respect it and move to another channel if that's the sort of thing you want to see.

    Sam shares her make-up, her pregnancy and her outfits/home stuff - if you don't like that just go away and do something more productive with your time, really! Stop the harassment and making yourselves look like lunatics. And really, posting an address is the lowest of the low and I would hope 'criminal'. Grow up and stop being creepy stalkers.

    1. Hi Joanne,
      You must have been on vacation. Sam is NOT sharing her pregnancy with us or any details whatsoever. She basically bitch slapped us with that. Or I should say, "She pulled a typical Sam."

    2. Who cares though, I would worry about my mental health if this bothered me. Whatever she chooses to do is her choice. Do you really begrudge her a living that much, how full of hatred and bitterness you all are. It's really sad, please look at yourselves and realise what effect you have.