Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nailspiration: Polka Dots & Hearts!

Hi My Loves!!!

I'm still doing the no polish thing on my fingernails, as they were getting a bit crap and I felt like they need to have a breather ;) So when Baby Sistor asked me to paint her nails last week, I said YES!!! We got a little artsy fartsy with them and I thought I would share them with all of you, incase you are in need of some nailspiration :)

Polka dots & a Heart :)

Here's what I used.... you can find the white at The Dollar Tree... they are awesome for doing little designs, although for the polka dots I used the tip of a bobby pin for a more precise dot ;)

The NYX polish is #204 Vintage Red, it actually goes on so nicely and dries super shiny. I was super impressed with it ;)

Just a quick post but hope it inspires your nails for this week :) Sometimes you just a need a little art on your nails!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Painting :)