Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How I Get My Hair Cut: Inspiration Pictures!

 Hi My Loves!!!

Seeing as I get a lot of people asking me what I asked for to get my current haircut.... I figured I would make a video and explain.

Watch the video here:

I basically asked for a long A line with a few longer layers around the bottom and a side bang.

Here are the pictures I took in to my hair stylist :)

(Photo Source: Google)

(Photo Source: Google)

(Photo Source: Google)

(Photo Source: Google)

I also took this picture in from The Small Things Blog (CLICK HERE TO CHECK HER OUT) 
She has some amazing hairstyles for this length of hair, she is so cute and so creative!! Definitely give her blog a little looky for some hairspiration :) 
( I love this picture of her hair)

Here's my hair right after I walked out of the salon......

 Here's a picture of it straight.

Last but not least.... curled :)

Hope that helps loves!!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Tuesday!




  1. really cute :) I love it straight!

  2. Hi,
    I wanted you to know I am a new reader/viewer. I have been googling you like mad lately, because once I found you (thru a recommendation via youtube) and I saw your haircut--I wanted to know more. Lots of your old videos are not around from that time, so I wasn't able to see much about how you got it cut...except you did say you brought in a picture of Jennifer Anniston's long bob. The problem I had was that I love your hair so much more than hers! With this new blog post, I know I can get what I want with my next hair appointment. I also really love your makeup tutorials, and have gone back and watched so many of them. I subscribed to you on youtube now, and also am checking your blog. I think you are great! I am a mom of 3 in California. Take care and thanks for your blog :-). Lisa