Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yummy Food Alert!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

As you know, if you have been reading or watching for a while, I'm originally from England and I talk about English foods every now and then. Well this last couple of weeks has been super exciting in the English food department! I have found 3 of my favorite yummies at regular grocery stores like Walmart and Albertsons! Normally I have to go to World Market (where the same foods are a tad more expensive) and they don't carry Weetabix at our local store.

I thought I would share with you, the ones that I have found that hopefully you can find too :)

Here's my goodies!

These are my most favorite cookies ever! McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives Biscuits. They are basically a wheat cookie on the bottom and milk chocolate on top. YUM!! These are a very typical English biscuit (cookie) and most people, if not everyone who has grown up in the UK has had one before. 

 I used to have to get them at World Market, so I rarely got them. When I was in Walmart this week, I couldn't believe when they were sitting on the top shelf just calling my name! They must have just started carrying them because I've never seen them before. I'm pretty sure they were under $2.00 too!!!

Next is another Walmart find. I'm pretty sure this is fairly new to being sold at Walmart. Normally I find it at World Market. It's our favorite curry sauce. Patak's Simmer Sauce Tikka Masala Curry. It's got such great flavor, makes a super quick and easy dinner and isn't too spicy for the weak sauce people like me, who can't take too much spice in their life :) 

Last but not least is my very favorite breakfast cereal. When I saw Jofus from LeFloofTV on youtube talking about it a while back, I instantly got a craving for it. Our World Market has never carried it before, so the only way for me to get it would be to order it online.... so I went without. However, the pregnancy craving for a specific food is much harder to forget than a craving when you're not preggy, so I decided to go on a Weetabix hunt. Luckily, I found some at Albertson's! It's so yummy and good for you too! I eat mine with cold milk like you would any other cereal.

It looks rather boring and a bit like hamster bedding but trust me, it's good! :)

Thanks for reading!

Hope you can find these goodies at your local stores too. If you do, let me know how you like them :)

Have a great Saturday!!!