Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Love Note on Cupcakes......

Hi My Loves!!!

Sometimes life gets so busy that you don't tell the people you love, that you appreciate them enough or thank them for working so hard. We are all totally guilty of it. You go through the day doing your normal routine, whether you are a stay at home Mommy like me or you go to work. You get so caught up with (in my case) taking care of your little one, cleaning, laundry, running errands, cooking etc.... that by the end of the day, you are tired and the last thing you think of when your hubby/partner gets home is.... I need to remember to thank them for working so hard and letting them know that I appreciate them!

I try to make a conscious effort to let Jay know how much I appreciate him and how thankful I am that he works so hard for our little family. He does the same to me, letting me know how great of a job I'm doing with our little angel. That is one of the little things that keep a marriage happy.

I made these cupcakes for Jay today (I'm writing this at night) and decided to write a little note on them so that when he got home, he would smell the delightful smell of cupcakes as he walked through the door and would see our little note. So that he would be reminded once again, how much we love and appreciate him.

Growing up, our family didn't really say I LOVE YOU very much to each other and when my Mom passed away, I wished I would have said it more to her.... but we just weren't raised with it being said so freely. After my Mom passed, I always said to myself that when I had a husband and a family of my own, those would be words that were said all the time... not just on cards, on holidays or Valentines day. It's never too late to start saying those 3 special words to the people that are so very special to you.

So whether you are married, engaged, dating or still live at home with your parents/grandparents etc.... don't forget to let them know how much you love them and appreciate all that they do for you. A simple THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU makes all the difference to their hectic day :) Cupcakes don't hurt either (unless they are on a diet..then maybe not a good idea, you don't want to make them cry haha)

Hope you have an amazing weekend filled with lots of love and cupcakes :) 

Thanks so much for reading!