Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Impressions: Jewelmint!

Hi My Loves!!

I have never gotten anything from Jewelmint before, so when these arrived in the mail the other day I was so impressed with how beautiful and elegantly they were packaged. I thought that it was just way too cute not to share. 

They come in a very soft green (the colors are not true in these pictures as I took them at night) and black box with a lovely little black ribbon tied around. It's so chic and I will definitely be keeping the boxes (they are sturdy) to keep bits and bobs of jewelry or makeup in.

 These are the Tough Love Rings. They are to be worn either on your pinky finger or as a knuckle ring. I thought this was a very unique idea and something fun that I don't have any of! 

One is shown when you first open the box, the other is waiting in the little velvet bag for you to open ;)

Here's the link to the website: Jewelmint 
(for 20% off, for first time users........ coupon code valid until 6/27)

I also got the Petit Couer Cherie Set which is a soft green heart on a very fine gold chain with purple heart earrings. The chain is very delicate which I love, however it is 18" long so it does hit me right at my boob crack (you know how I hate when that happens haha)..... So I wore it over a black turtle neck and it was so cute! Perfect length and the color was so pretty against the black. Next time I'll try it over a nice crew neck t shirt ;) I love the length of the earrings, very sweet and simple but still elegant. I don't know if I will wear these together, as I'm kind of a matchy matchy person and like to have my colors on my neck match my earrings but we shall see ;) I will definitely be wearing them separately.

For the link to the website: Jewelmint
(for 20% off, for first time users........ coupon code valid until 6/27)

All in all I was so delightfully surprised by the super cute packaging, super sturdy boxes and beautiful jewelry :)

Hope you like this post!

Thanks for reading & Happy Sunday!