Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garage Sale Finds!

Hi My Loves!!!

The lovely part about warmer weather, is that it means there are garage sales!! Since we were little, my sister and I have been going to garage sales and finding treasures :) My Mom used to take us on the weekends and give us a certain amount of money to spend on whatever we wanted... we loved it, it was so fun and made us feel so grown up! Today, as grown ups, we still love going and finding a good deal :)

Here are a the things that BS found :) Isn't this such a cute sweater? It was only $2!

BS also found this Eddie Bauer vest for $1.

This is my favorite! She found this Carolyn Taylor sweater for only $1.50! It's so soft and cozy and super cute on! 

I found this... I wasn't so lucky with clothes, but I did find a body spray from Avon. It's the Banana & Coconut Milk. I normally wouldn't go for anything with a banana scent in it but this reminds me of summer, as it smells just like tanning oil :) Tropical vacation in my mind..... here I come! BS got the Pomegranate Mango one (I forgot to take a picture of hers)...

This was not from a garage sale but it came in the mail from a family member of ours in Scotland. It was so creative, I had to share with you! This is her wedding invitation!!! Isn't it so cute?? I love how creative it is, a little message in a bottle! I wish I would have thought of this when Jay and I got married! Too cute not to share! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!

A pretty random post today but I hope it either inspires you to check out your local garage sales and find some goodies or a creative way to invite your loved ones to your wedding ;)

Thanks for reading!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far and if you found some good deals garage sale shopping too, then cool beans!




  1. Sam, I LOVE garage sales, as well! I am the garage sale queen! LOL There weren't many garage sales yesterday, but I did find me a new wallet, and a pair of shoes. I may have to order me some of the Banana and Coconut Milk Spray. I am not a fan of banana, but if you say it smells like suntan oil, well, I'm all over that! Love that smell!

  2. That message in a bottle idea is awesome!! I'm soooo going to use that someday!!

  3. Happy weekend to you & BS! Great finds!

  4. Hi Sam, love reading your fun blog posts. Please if you get any you get any free time pop over and say hi at my blog hope the pregnancy is going well you look gorgeous. Take care xx Helen

  5. hi sam i love your blog and videos so much you are amazing, i've just started my own blog and would love you to tell me what you think and if i can make it better in any way if you have time thank you.