Thursday, March 6, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: A Baby Jay & A Special Letter!

Hi My Loves!!

This week's #ThrowbackThursday has some great pictures I found in our treasure box of memories. I found some real goodies for you, so get ready for extreme cuteness, coolness and some really big hair. 

First picture is of Jay when he was a baby. He looks about 16-18 months I'm guessing. He's got his little snowsuit on.. how cute is he?? Who do you think he looks like? Phoenix or Lily? I can't decide. I think I see more of Lily. He was such a gorgeous baby. I love his little outfit. 
What a cutie patootie :)

Next is a letter from my Mom. It's kind of ironic now that I read it as a 28 year old woman who has lost her mother. Who knew that when I was 6, this note would mean so much to me 22 years later. It's weird in a way, the things that she wrote because now I don't have her but she is always in my heart. 

My Dad and Mom went to America when we were little to go and find a new place to live, since we were moving over there. My brother, sister and I stayed with my Nanny and Grandad in England. I don't actually know how long they were gone for but I remember at the time it seemed like months. I honestly have no clue how long it was. I cried a lot. I missed her so much. I had a dress that my Aunt gave to me. She told me I couldn't cry in it when I went to school because my tears would make holes in my dress and eventually I wouldn't have a dress to wear. I remember trying not to get my tears on my dress ;) It's funny the things that stick out in your mind so much. It's crazy to think that fast forward 8 years from this note, I would be crying again from missing her. Life is strange. 

On a happier note isn't the picture super cute? I'm a Leo and so was my Mom. Lions have always been something that she would get me, whether it was a necklace or stuffed animal. I love Lions to this day :) Magestic creatures. Sheba was our Newfoundland. She passed away and my Mom was so upset. Sheba was a great doggy and she had her when I was a baby.

Here's something a little funner. My diary from 2000. I was 14. It must have been an Easter Break because I was having a lot of sleepovers. My Mom was in the hospital a lot, so I tried to keep my mind occupied with friends. Hugh was my boyfriend. He was very sweet and made those hard years much happier for me. I love this little bear character. It was my favorite when I was younger. I always bought these little diary's with the bear on it. So cute. I don't see them over here though.

Last but not least is a picture of my Nanny (Grandma), Mom (in the middle), Aunt (left) and Uncle (the baby). How cool is this picture? It must have been early 60's? I love their hair! So fun and crazy to think that little girls wore it like this at such a young age. My Mom looks just like me at that age but with dark eyes and dark hair. My Nanny is so glamorous here :) She's a beauty.

It makes me laugh because my Mom always used to tell me how my Nanny would dress her and my Aunt in the same outfits all the time. I can't remember if she got annoyed by it or not but I think it's so cute. 

That's my Throwback Thursday for you :) Hope you like it! Sorry if these have been a little more deep and dark but I like sharing these pictures with you. It's made me the person I am today. We all have moments in our lives that were dark periods but it's all how you decide to live your life in the end. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing, happy life now. I never thought at the time of darkness, I could ever be happy again. But here I am, happiest I've ever been with my soulmate and two healthy beautiful babies :) Don't give up if you are in your dark spell. We all have them, it's what you turn them into that counts :)

Love you all!


  1. Thank you for this.... It has been a year and 7 months since I lost my dad to cancer and I am still trying to get through the dark place...

  2. I am also 28 and a Leo. I lost my dad one year ago to depression. I am experiencing the worst time in my life. I'm stressed, I'm broke, I'm tired and boy, do I miss my dad. Those last few words about making it through a dark time brought tears to my eyes. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I've been following you since your little apartment and I have to say you are one beautiful soul Sam. I hope you come to Australia one day like you mentioned in your TMI post.

  3. Jay looks like Mr. Phoenix in this photo.

  4. Beautiful Post Sam....and you take after beautiful women...I think Lilly is the spitting image of Jay! My goodness! He can never say shes the milkmans baby...LOL!! just kidding :)

  5. Such a lovely sweet post Sam *huge hugs* I think phoenix is more like you and Lilly is more like Jay....I have a birthday book, its like your diary "forever friends" I've had mine since 1993 I loved these bears too....I watch your daily vlogs and make up channel...I love that you keep it real...take care xxx