Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A MANicure with PaintFab!

Hi My Loves!!!

Today I have some new nail polishes to share with you that just recently launched as a part of Just Fab's website. PaintFab are nail polishes in a sleek bottle with an amazing formula. I got 9 colors ranging from nudes to deep eggplant. 

Here are the shades that I have. I love the shape of these polishes. They are so easy to store and don't take up much room at all. They fit into your hand very nicely when painting. They are $5.95 each which I think is actually a very good price for the quality of these polishes. I was really impressed with them.

The brush is really nice to use as well. It holds the perfect amount of polish and doesn't leave anything to streaky. It's not too small or too big. 

Let's start with the colors and swatches.

Lass with Sass is a very pale creamy white pink. You definitely need two coats of this to ensure there is no streaking. Maybe even three.

Neutral Territory is a skin colored nude. Perfect for those of you who like a true nude. This one does take at least 2 coats.

Modern Marvels is beautiful. It's that perfect mauve nude. A really beautiful color that has just enough nude but not too skin colored with a nice hint of rose pink. I really love this shade.

Penny For Your Thoughts is amazing. It's a really rich brown with red shimmers. So rich and catches the light beautifully. I love this color. Perfect for those of you who like a dark nail without looking to goth like ;)

Auber-Genius is a dark eggplant with purple and red shimmery tones to it. Another really beautiful, rich shade. 

Red Hot Mama is a hot red. Such an awesome color. The red just reminds me of a brand new red porsche or something. It's so nice.

Vixen Fixen is a berry tone. I actually didn't really care for this color. The frosty shimmers in it made it a little flat. It doesn't have the gloss that the other ones have.

Pink Slip Me A Drink is a beautiful hot pink. This is perfect for the Spring and Summer. No shimmers in this one. It reminds me of Barbie ;)

And then to top all of them off, a nice clear top coat. Everyone needs one of those ;)

Overall I was really impressed with these polishes. For the price, the quality is so nice. They went on super easily, glided on nicely and didn't get tacky or gunky. They have a nice gloss to them even without the top coat and the pigmentation of the darker colors were so rich. I only put one coat on all of the dark colors and you could honestly get away with just the one coat. I feel like these won't chip as quickly as well because of the super thin coats that you can get away with because of the pigmentation.

I want to give a huge thanks to Jay for letting me try these out on his beautiful finger nails. He is a great hand model don't you think?

What's your favorite color out of all of them?

Hope you are having a great week so far! Here's my latest video: