Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things: Home Edition :)

Hi My Loves!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite "home decor" things with you :) I always tell you guys about my current beauty favorites on Fridays, but I never share my favorite home goodies with you. I really love being surrounded by pretty things in my home, that make it a warm, happy place to spend my day. 

So here are a few of my favorite things (Sound of music melody)

Target is one of my FAVORITE places to get home lovelies :) It's reasonably priced and has my favorite home brand of life, Simply Shabby Chic.

Here are a few things we have picked up over the years, that I absolutely am IN LOVE with! Best purchases ever!

This is the Simply Shabby Chic Embroidered Euro Pillow- White. We have 2 of these on our bed, as well as a light pink one as well. They are big, beautiful and the design of the embroidery is so pretty. You can take the covers off and wash them in the washing machine and they come out as good as new.

This is the Simply Shabby Chic Cozy Blanket-Pink. The name describes it perfectly. It is seriously the  most COMFY, SOFT, LUSCIOUS blanket, both Jay and I have ever felt/had in our lives. It is the perfect amount of warmth too. We have 2 of these, both in Kings. One is a very light green and one is this pink. We have both of them on our bed at the moment, one on top of the other and they are so amazing to sleep with. Soft, warm but not hot, don't get stuck to your dry feet or catch on Jay's dry hands. Best money we have ever spent! I definitely recommend getting at least one of these. Whether it's the same size as your bed or you just get a Twin and put it on the couch for cozy couch days, it's a MUST HAVE! They also wash in the washing machine and come out perfect, although they do take a while to dry. I usually have to dry them in the dryer two times and then hang it over a door to dry completely because ours are so big. But well worth the hassle!

Now these sheets are not the softest sheets I have ever slept on. To be honest they are not very soft at all but they are so super cute ;) They are the Simply Shabby Chic Mon Ami Sheet Set- Pink. Beautiful little pink roses make any bed romantic :)

Onto my favorite shower curtain of life! I absolutely LOVE this beauty! It's so pretty and feminine. It technically completely clashes with our tan walls and modern darkish bathroom fixtures but I love it anyway :) It looks so much better in real life than it does in this picture! This is the Simply Shabby Chic Toile Shower Curtain - Pink

Whether you like Shabby Chic or not, the blankets can be suited to quite a few different tastes. Everyone likes soft blankies ;) I think they also have light blue & white. I know not everybody has the same taste as me or cares for such feminine home decor but I just thought I would share some of my favorite things that make our house, our home :) And for people who are wondering, because their husbands would never want such pink, frilly things in there home.... no, Jay does not care :) I'm a very lucky girl :)

Thanks for reading!

Happy Homes & Cozy Blankets :)