Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Makeup Storage/Collection!

 Hi My Loves!!

I've had so many of you ask for me to do an updated makeup collection/storage. I did one a while ago but I have changed the storage a little since then.

My desk and drawers are from Ikea. Ikea is my favorite place for affordable storage, furniture, etc..... they have such a big selection and so many styles to choose from. The only problem for us, is that we don't have one anywhere near us now and the shipping is outrageous!! So no new Ikea things for me :(

This is the Alex Drawer Unit on Casters. It comes in white or black. It's awesome because the 3 bottom drawers are a tad bit deeper so you can git little baskets or storage containers in them easier. Also, they do have wheels so they are easy to move around if you like to rearrange or move a lot! Without the wheels they would be impossible to move without a big buff man. These are sturdy and very heavy. They are a bit of a pain to put together, it took Jay a good couple of hours for all 3 but they are really sturdy and great quality for the price. The drawers slide out very nicely too :)

As far as storing makeup brushes, I love the Sigma Travel Set brush holders. They come with a set of mini brushes and they click together for traveling..... or you can take them apart and make 2 seperate brush holders. Plus they have cute colors ;) To hold lipglosses, the little polka dot containers are from The Dollar Tree. I get a lot of my storage containers there. You can't beat them for $1 and they are so cute!
The lipstick holder is from Mary Kay but I know that The Container Store has some lipstick holders for under $10.

My little yellow rose storage I found at Goodwill, it was under $5. You can find some cute things at Goodwill every now and then if you are willing to take the time and be creative :) The cupcake totes are from Target. I found them in the Valentine's Day section at the front of the store for $1.

My desk is also from Ikea. It's nice and long, has 2 wide drawers that store a lot of products and it's the perfect height for sitting under comfortably. It's the Micke Desk and it comes in a few different variations for color. I don't normally have bell peppers just sitting on my desk :) LOL.... I had just filmed my Friday Favorites & Fudgeroos!

These plastic clear storage containers were also from Ikea. About $8 I think :)

Another great way to store makeup is the metal pencil holders from the Dollar Tree. Great for blushes!

My snazzy little cupcakes totes from Target! LOVE THEM!!!

This was also from the Dollar Tree, the boxes inside were too.

Another great way to store things, is to get boxes that a product came in, this was a curling iron box. I just found some cute cupcake paper from Target and covered it. Cute and functional!

I hope this has helped give you some storage ideas. Most things were very affordable. So checkout your local Dollar Store, Goodwill, Target, Ikea and I'm sure Walmart has some great storage too. I know The Container Store has a lot of great storage, I think they might be a little more pricey than these other stores though.... I could be wrong though, so don't hold me to that :)

I will say if you are looking for new furniture pieces, I would highly recommend the pieces I got from Target. Great price, great quality and holds so much! Plus I think they are very cute too :) And super easy to wipe clean! Always great for makeup spills.

Thanks for reading/ watching!

Baby Sistor and I are hanging out today with the little man :) So excited to have some sister time ;) Plus it's supposed to get warmer this weekend! YAY!!!

Have a great weekend loves!




  1. in the 2nd to last picture what is that blue and brown necklace??? i have been looking for something like that

  2. How on earth do you keep track of everything Sam? I'd get lost in all that make-up! :D
    I love how clean and organised it is though x

  3. That is like a whole department store for girls! I love it! Thankful you share how to use all of that & I love the way its so organized!
    You and BS have a great time together with Mr. P!!

  4. Wow! What a collection! I have the IKEA Micke too. I recently showed it here-

  5. Good gracious that's a lot of makeup! you're one of the only youtube personas I can watch for that long. :) Tiny "request"....While I love a bargain as much as the next girl, I'd just thoughtfully ask if you might consider shopping at goodwill or the flea market or yard sales (or your cabinet) for cool and beautiful cups, boxes, baskets or containers rather than purchase goods made in sweatshops and under unfair labor practices. The ultimate cost of a $1 cheap container from the Dollar Tree is so much more to all of us, but the price is especially high for the laborer who works in unsafe and underpaid working conditions. Buy used, second hand, handmade and Made in the USA (or your country of residence).

  6. You Must Sale MaryKay i seen the eyeshadows an the lipstick trays are not Really Sold to Guest i myself am a MaryKay Rep an was thinking of getting the Lipstick Tray But never ordered it an forgot about it :) Now i Remember lol :)

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