Monday, April 6, 2015

Wagons & A Fairy Princess.

Hi My Loves!!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. We had a very nice one even though I was super sick and the kids were snuffly :( It's always the way. I swear every time there is a holiday or birthday, we end up getting sick. Horrid luck.

Anyway, we got a new wagon from Radio Flyer and so we wanted to try it out as the kids were super excited about it. They love being outside and going for walks. I'm so glad that there are so many beautiful places to walk in Tahoe. I just love it! Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face knowing that I can look out my window and see the beautiful forest ;) 

Pants ~ Fabletics // Denim Jacket ~ TJ Maxx // Flats ~ Tieks

How cute are the kids sunglasses? I got them at Target.

Lily had so much fun walking Moo and Phoenix loved pulling the wagon. I love that the wagon has the canopy to protect them from the sun as well seat belts. The wheels are nice and big and rubber so they are not noisy, so that while you are pulling it you can actually carry on a conversation with your hubby or hear your kids haha! It also has good clearance. It's got two cup holders on the outside but they weren't quite big enough for our Google Water bottle. But they held our keys :) There are also cup holders on the inside of the wagon for your little ones drinks. The seats and bottom are plastic for easy clean up for dirt or spills. And it fold up like a stroller for convenience of storing it or if you want to travel with it and take it in your car. I do wish it had a little more storage though. There really isn't anywhere that you can keep any extras other than at the bottom where the kids feet go, which can be a little cramped. That's my only complaint though. Jay said it was easy to build too.

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These pictures of from Easter. We had just had an egg hunt and they were sitting down to see what was in the eggs ;) I think this is Lily's, "I'm trying to eat my chocolate Mom" face :)

They had so much fun yesterday. I was super sick and tried to make it as fun as possible for them and I'm pretty sure they had a very fun day, so that's good ;) 

Thank you guys so much for reading ;)

Here's the vlogs of us trying the wagon out. Enjoy! 

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Wagon provided by Radio Flyer.