Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ready for Spring Nail Tutorial!

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Hi My Loves!!

Today I'm going to show you how to bring your nails into spring. I love spring and I especially love when I can start transitioning my makeup, wardrobe & nails into the season because it's full of color. By the time March comes around, I'm ready for pops of bright coral, aqua blues and vibrant pinks. They just make me happy. I've teamed up with Target to show you how to get these fun, vibrant nails with polishes you can find at your local Target. Plus, by using your Target Red Card, you can save 5% on all of these items as well. (You know me and my Red Card haha!)

Don't mind the big blob of polish on my hand… I spilled lol.

Ok let's get started. Now I have acrylics, so the first thing I did was re file the shape of them into a nice short point and then I buffed the tops of the nails to just freshen them up. But obviously if you have natural nails just file them to the shape you like and then just go over them with alcohol or nail polish remover to remove any oily residue. Then I always like to wash them with soap and dry very well.

Here are the polishes that I purchased at Target. 

1.) Apply one coat of the Orly Color Amp'd Flexible Color in LA Selfie to every other nail starting with the pinky.

2.) Next apply the Orly Color Amp'd Flexible Color in Pop Culture to the ring and pointer finger.

3.) Then apply a second coat to both hands with both colors once the first coat is dry. These dry super fast so by the time you paint the next hand, you can go onto the first hand.

4.) On the pointer finger, apply polka dots with any white polish you have by taking a toothpick, bobby pin or nail tool and dipping the tip into the white polish (place a little on some cardboard or paper plate) and dotting on the nails in the pattern you like.

5.) Apply the Essie Multi Dimension Top Coat in Sparkle On Top over the orange on the ring finger (I just did one coat of the sparkle)

6.) Wait a little longer for those to dry as they aren't quite as quick drying and then apply the Orly Color Amp'd Flexible Seal Coat to each nail.

7.) Wait about a minute or two to dry and you are finished. I like to rub any cooking spray or olive oil on my nails after that and rinse in cold water for about 30 seconds.

Overall, I was really impressed with these Orly polishes. This was my first time trying them and they went on really easily, smoothly and didn't get tacky or gross as you applied. They dry quickly and don't tug or smudge when you apply a second coat. The sealcoat leaves them super shiny and they are smudge proof as soon as they dry. They are a little pricey at $9.99 but they are well worth the money in my opinion as they take the hassle out of waiting forever for your nails to dry, only to budge or smudge them minutes later. These look like gel polish and have that professional finish of going to a nail salon. I hate painting my nails, and this made them really easy and hassle free, especially when you are a mom and don't have lots of time to wait for your nails to dry. I highly recommend going to your local Target and checking these out. They have a nice selection of colors, ranging from nudes, brights and dark ones as well. I will definitely be picking more colors up and using these for my toes as well as bringing them to my manicurist when I go to get my acrylics filled.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and mini review. Be sure to tag me in a picture on IG or Twitter with the hashtag #TargetStyle and my handle @samschuerman so I can see what colors you chose to use :)

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Thank you so much for reading!