Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Colour Pop Pastel Punch Spring Collection Swatches!

Hello my lovelies!

So I am sick. I have been sick since before Easter. It's never going to go away. I will have endless amounts of snot (sorry but hey, it is what it is) until the end of time. Or at least that's what it feels like. My nose is so red and crusty, that my makeup looks horrendous and every time I try to carry on a conversation…. I cough a bunch. So to spare you all the grossness (unless you watch our vlogs haha) I've decided this week I will be blogging instead of filming for my beauty channel. I'm really hoping I feel better soon. I'm not sure what is going on with this, but I'm over it.

I recently was sent Colour Pop's new spring collection, Pastel Punch. It is so colorful, fun and gorgeous. Today I'm going to share all of the swatches. I have the super shock shadows, super shock blushes and the lippie pencils and lippie stix!! WOOOHOOO! Huge thanks to Colour Pop for the generosity and hooking me up!! I love my job :)

Like my nails? Check out the tutorial HERE!

The whole collection :)

The eyeshadows are all very nicely pigmented. The mint one (Flux) is a tad chalky when swatted but gorgeous when you apply with a flat brush and pack it on the lid. If you are not familiar with Colour Pop they are like a cream shadow but a dryer version if that makes sense. First touch it feels like a normal dry shadow but then once you really get a good feel it has a bouncy texture and a more creamy feel. But it's not greasy in any way and you can also use these with a fluffy brush in the crease like you could with a normal shadow. It takes a little longer to blend but you can still get the same look.
I will put a (LOVE) by the colors that are my favorites :)

Downtown: Deep cool-toned taupe in a Matte finish, whether you are uptown or downtown this shade will get you around.

This is what the back of the shadows look like on the back. 

Bites:  A true white in a Matte finish, mosquito bites, love bites but this shade rocks!

In A Pickle:  Pastel coral pink in a Matte finish, it’s kind of a big dill! (LOVE)

Taco: Mid-tone aqua in a Matte finish, though it is yummy, we don’t recommend eating it.

Daddy:  Cool-toned vibrant violet in a Matte Pressed Pigment, named after our cuddly in-office pooch!

Shop:  Rusty coral in a Matte finish, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist! (LOVE)

Cowboy:  True pastel lavender in a Matte finish, you’ll save a horse alright…

Beauty Call:  True powder blue in a Matte finish – like a booty call but not.

Hello:  Soft pastel yellow in a Matte finish, why hello yellow!

Snap Dragon:  Mid-tone sea foam green in a Matte finish, it’s pretty as a flower and fierce as a dragon.

Flux:  What the Flux would you do without this light mint green in a Matte finish?

Acorn: Light cool-toned beige with subtle flashes of silver and gold in a Pearlized finish – you’re going to want to store this shade for safe keeping. (LOVE)

Swatches of the eyeshadows:

The last three on the right are the blushes on the picture below.

These are the exact same texture as the eyeshadows. I use a stippling brush to apply these to my cheeks. The More, Please is SOOOOOOO gorgeous! The little flecks are glitter in this are so pretty, it's just beautiful. 

More Please:  Vivid fuschia with a violet- blue duo chrome in a Pearlized finish, you don’t have to ask us twice! (LOVE)

Olive:  True baby pink in a Matte finish, named after our favorite little Yorkie! (LOVE)

Rain:  Mid-tone lavender in a Matte finish, we only want to see you in the purple rain. (I haven't figured out if this will look good on me or not)

I definitely recommend getting the blushes. This is not my first time using the blushes. They are gorgeous, pigmented, easy to blend and just really pretty on the skin. 

I am in love with the lippie stix and lippie pencils. There are so creamy, so pigmented, glide on smoothly, smell like vanilla and stay on the lips really well and last a long time. They also do a great job of not getting all over my Invisalign aligners. They don't dry out my lips either. These are a must have product. For five bucks… you can't go wrong.

TootsiCool-toned grey beige (“greige”) in a Matte finish, we want to see your Tootsi roll 
It's like a really cool toned mix between grey and purple and brown if that makes sense. It's a little scary while swatching but it's actually really cool on the lips and feels very fresh and hip. Reminds me of something Batalash Beauty would wear. If you haven't checked her out, you should! She's amazing! I totally stalk her on Instagram. I want her hair.

WestieSoft dusty baby pink in a Matte finish, cuz West Coast is the best coast.
It's gorgeous. It's like a nice cool toned, nudey pink with a mauve undertone.

FernCool-toned violet in a Cream finish, is this shade too fernalicious for you, babe?
It's a bit out of my comfort zone. I hardly wear purple but it's gorgeous if you like purple lip colors.

JulepBright red coral in a Cream finish, perfect for getting down and dirty in the infield or classing it up in “Millionaires Row”.
It's FABULOUS! I'm in love with this color.

PepperAdd some spice to your life with this pastel pinky lilac in a Matte finish
It's a very cool barbie lavender. It reminds me of the Nicki Minaj but easier to wear. It doesn't make your teeth look as yellow.

Okie dokie. There you have it. Hope you enjoy. My nose is even more raw than before I started this post and now I'm going to edit today's vlog.

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See you tomorrow! Off to make some lemon and honey tea asap :)